Friday, November 30, 2007

My World Is Not Grey

A day with Intan...had some nice food at Tamani, watched a so-so movie Hitman, shared wonderful stories....thanks dear...:)

Ice Cream Land

I've always wanted to build my own (toy) world..a world full of happiness beyond imagination....this is a start, an ice cream shop....I hope my collection will grow bigger....yayy...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We Are The Retro Couple



Putting Aside Job Hunting

Job hunting is very very frustrating. Added by some personal problems that still bothers my peaceful mind and heart, I decided to stop seeking jobs for a while and just calm down myself. Sigh, I am very speechless when it comes to this topic.

A Day in KL

Before heading back to Jakarta, my parents decided to at least have some final enjoyment by staying at a hotel in KL, meaning, we moved out from our lovely house in Damansara...hhmm...:( Well, today Sharjeel picked me up at the hotel, and there off we started a splendid day together with our dearest friends as well...

Our first stop, again, the Pavilion...and why is that so? That's because our hotel is located exactly next to the Pavilion hihihi...lucky me...:) There, we met up with Sany and accompanied him for lunch at Yo! Sushi House (Sharjeel and I had lunch already just before he came heheh)...according to Sany, the food there was really good, as in, very authentic....

After lunch, we then had ice cream heheh..yum yum. While eating, I was curious on the fruits they put as the shop's decoration..I wondered...are they real?? Kinda stupid I know, but it was quite tricky...turns out, they're fake!! Heheh...seriously, they look real to me..

After Pavilion, we headed to Sungei Wang to meet up with Hans and Rio...guess what?? Sharjeel and I went for roller skating muaahahhaha...the rest chose not to join and played cards instead hihihi....

Well, that was quite the day...a nice enjoying day...had some chicken hainan rice for dinner then went back to the ya my you the most Sharjeel..thank you...:)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Everyday Ideas

From simple ideas, comes great inspiring accessories personal favorites from Shana Logic shop...


Pavilion is one of the new shopping centers in KL (another one is The Gardens), which falls under the category of posh. I realize that there's nothing much I can spend my money on in this place, but I do enjoy the clean, spacious and high-class environment hehehe...well, anyways, J.Co Donuts expanded their franchise business to Malaysia, and helloooooo Malaysia, they opened their very first shop in Pavilion, a very good entry strategy I must say. It's been almost 2 months since their opening, but J.Co Donuts seems to be successful in keeping the buzz on and attract soooo many customers each and every day. This is how extremely full J.Co Donuts was today...kuh-ray-zeeee...

Moving on, I'm pretty lucky cuz there seemed to be many interesting things going on in this place today. As I was about to exit the plaza, there were these 2 super cute clowns handing out balloons to the young visitors which I couldn't resist on not taking pictures with them hehehe....

Then, just outside the shopping center, another attention-grabbing event was this some kind of action by random young people holding signs of "FREE HUGS". I was like, "huh??". Then one lady came up to me and said, "Hi, free hugs!! Want a hug?". I said, "for what?", and she replied, "for love"..hehhe. So I just said, "Oh..ok...hug hug" and smiled (and not hug for real cuz it felt really akward). That was funny. I mean, I've never seen such thing. Cute, but weird. I took some pictures of them.

Well...that was an interesting day. Nonetheless, I did buy something today. Found these unbranded shoes at such an affordable price. Lovely. Black shoes with thin high-heels, and my favorite part would be the front edge that has this gradient color of blue.

Friday, November 23, 2007


I believe this style has already been introduced earlier back then cuz as far as I remember this thing really isn't something new...but, it's making a come back one more time as seen in Vivienne Westwood's new shoes collection; wearing your socks over your heels. My opinion, it's a yay from the front, but a nay when you look at it from the

One more thing about Vivienne's shoes...they are so so high that if you notice carefully these models are actually like ballet dancing hehehhe...why do we women like to torture ourselves just for the sake of fashion...

The Essentials

I’m doing pretty well with my shopping-addiction treatment these days...if before I would spend my money on anything I see and be attracted to…now I’m doing much better dealing with my irrational cravings…what I do now is browse over the internet and make a list of what I’m gonna buy for the month. And, I also try to decide with full consciousness on what exactly are the things I need, instead of those I want…heheheh. The things I need would be those I can wear often and easy to mix and match. Well, that’s what I did this month as well. And hooray, I bought them today; Topshop leather pants and a Zara black sweater. Well I did go for some additional necklaces, but that was because they were on a huge discount, a reason I find coherent to break my rules a bit…;p

I seriously don’t know why I’m into black, leather and gloves lately. No, I am not inspired by Rihanna, puh-leez. As life and fashion are exactly well represented as a cycle, I think I am currently wheeled back to those moments when I used to play in a band and was always trying to pull off a rock look heheheh…I never label myself as a rocker though...but, I do have a huge adoration towards stuffs like leather, black costumes, studded items, and boots.

Next Target

I'm weak for eccentric I must have this one from Miss Selfridge.... checked it out today and they say it's not available yet here in KL...gonna be waiting then...:)

And btw, I gave my fake Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses to Sharjeel cuz it looks really good on him...I hope I come across those glasses once again....:)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Day

Today was such a beautiful day...visiting Sharjeel and my uni have always been my preference in which at the end of the day I would be smiling and recalling the day as the perfect day. It may sound weird that I in fact enjoy hanging out with Sharjeel in the uni instead of, let's say, in shopping centers or restaurants, but being in that place just gives me these different romantic sparks that I truly adore. It feels home, our home. Sigh...gonna miss these kind of times a lot as I will be heading back to Jakarta next week, for good. Oh dear, I feel sad already. *angry, sad, upset*

I don't feel like writing now...anyway here's some inspirations all from the Tres Bien Shop....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

D-I-Y Gloves

Yesterday, Sharjeel and I visited the CK Calvin Klein shop in Pavillion, and my heart just melted seeing the stuffs they have...having the theme in black, their clothes, shoes, and accessories were just so so inspiring...and, I fell in love with these gloves...

Turned the tag, and, yikes, RM 399!! Hohoho....being blinded by the coolness, instead of saying "What the heck!!??" towards the ridiculous price, I instead thought "Diana, get a job and buy this one day!!" stupid I was hehehhe....Sharjeel then told me that we can actually make these gloves by ourselves very easily using socks or something similar...and... tadaaaaaa...I bought these socks today and cut them to the desired design....hehehe....

Well, turns out okay, I mean, it was a bit loose on my hand..but I'm still happy with it and will definitely wear it...I'll try to buy socks which are longer (and tighter) so it'll turn out more like CK's....:)


One word for MK's pictures in the new edition of Nylon magazine....AWESOME!!! Woah...i looove the pics....great photographer I must say!! Well, Nylon do often come up with spanking new ideas, so I don't find it surprising that they managed to present MK in a different touch of quirkiness, which, very well explains her actual personality I guess....these are my favorite pics...

The H Word: Happy.

I am an incredibly happy person, not because my life is entirely perfect, but because I choose to live in happiness. I do find myself tired sometimes, as being happy requires a thoughtful vision to grasp the art of life. At these times, I ask myself, “Diana, are you sure you want to quit being happy?” I then answer myself, “If I refuse to live happy today, then I might just die in sadness”.

Whatever happens, do be positive about this life. No matter how sickening things can stumble upon you, or how hopeless you feel about your situation, do remember that life has never been simple, so just deal with it. Everything, has a way out. Think positive, be happy. No matter what.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Quote of The Day

"Change is the only constant thing in life."


Dear you,

I love you, for who you are, for what you are, now and then, no matter where you come from, no matter where you are, no matter what people say. You have my words. 143.

But....I'll keep my words as long as you have no tummy and you shave off those thick mustache of yours every single day....hehehe...jk...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Studded Platforms

New picks from Topshop....I must have those studded crossover platforms.. hehehe...

Oh...and those shiny PVC skinny it a lot..

Must Visits

More shops to visit, people...bah...I love love love the stuffs they have..

Mod Retro...

Twelve by Twelve...

Loving Her Shoes

Sigh...Selma Blair looks so gorgeous here....I'm loving this look, especially her shoes...I want one of thoooooossseee....

Wayfarer Victim

Ever since I spotted the Olsen sisters and Kirsten Dunst wearing the yummy Rayban Wayfarer, and then came Vanessa Hudgens, I've always thought of having one, please. I just looove the look it gives, but yeah, Rayban ain't cheap huehehhehe.

Lucky me, today I went to Sungei Wang and found these fake Wayfarers... cheap, but looks very similar. I bought 2 directly huehehhe. If you see, one frame is glossy, and the other one is doff. I also purposely bought one with transparent lenses so I can wear them as those geeky glasses hehehhe. Hooray.

Btw I'm also in love with Rayban's Clubmaster sunglasses...hope I can find these someday...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just Simple Bags

From random browsing..bags I like from Ashley Watson...

Play Day

It's saturday, and it's supposed to be a happy day. Got a new dress, so just thought of trying it in different themes...hehe. Forgive me ;p

Topshop's Recycled Items

Topshop shows up this week by introducing their new collection of purse and bags made of recycled food bags in Cambodia. As an effort of supporting the environment, yes, it is indeed a noble act. But design and idea wise, hmm, it's not something new. There's a LOT of stuffs like these back in Indonesia. A lot, and way much

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

There's Such Thing As Coincidence

It feels extremely weird that everytime I check out this cool fashion blog, it always appear that she/he/they and I always discuss the same topic....the freakiest one would be our recent post on Ralph Lauren...hhm...creepy.... anyone???

D-I-Y Sweater

I heart my rugged wear-to-sleep sweater cuz it's very comfortable to wear, and just thought that this old piece deserves some magic...

So here I am, at night, thinking of what to do to this sweater. I had no stock of beads nor ribbons whatsoever, so I just utilized some unused buttons, and my very own made skull brooch... tadaaaaaa......

Hehehe....I don't know what you guys might think, but I'm pretty happy with the result...

Time to give a new theme for your old clothes, people!!

Inspiring Shirts

From Ralph Lauren....

Sorry that I've been focusing on office clothes lately...I know it's quite boring, but I am actually that boring heheheh....
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