Wednesday, September 5, 2007


If Lindsay, Nicole and Paris have always been the hot issue of DUIs...I'm here talking about DIY...hehehhe...duh, like that's funny, Diana...

Well, since I was in the elementary school, I've always been making stuffs by myself...accesories...purses...then hair it!! My last DIY stuff was this skull brooch...made it a few months ago...but yeah, just wanted to post about it...I don't wear it often though coz I'm just scared that it's gonna get ruined or something...well, our own made stuffs are sometimes too precious coz they reflect our hard work, our very own masterpiece no matter how ugly it turns out to be hehehhe...

For this skull brooch, I used a thick fabric (which is actually a belt), glitter glue, glue, pins, ribbon, and beads...and indeed, it was very easy to make :)

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