Wednesday, November 21, 2007

D-I-Y Gloves

Yesterday, Sharjeel and I visited the CK Calvin Klein shop in Pavillion, and my heart just melted seeing the stuffs they have...having the theme in black, their clothes, shoes, and accessories were just so so inspiring...and, I fell in love with these gloves...

Turned the tag, and, yikes, RM 399!! Hohoho....being blinded by the coolness, instead of saying "What the heck!!??" towards the ridiculous price, I instead thought "Diana, get a job and buy this one day!!" stupid I was hehehhe....Sharjeel then told me that we can actually make these gloves by ourselves very easily using socks or something similar...and... tadaaaaaa...I bought these socks today and cut them to the desired design....hehehe....

Well, turns out okay, I mean, it was a bit loose on my hand..but I'm still happy with it and will definitely wear it...I'll try to buy socks which are longer (and tighter) so it'll turn out more like CK's....:)

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