Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Sun is Shining Bright

A reminder to do things in life because they make you happy. Do them with joy. Find joy in doing what you love. Don't dwell in numbers, don't be obsessed with results. You are not in a competition. Other people are not your competitors. Have fun. Learn from the process, learn from failures, enjoy your own pace, enjoy your own growth. Within your journey, do not forget to be yourself and to others. Life's short. Have lots of love inside you. ❤️

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

6 Months in 2020 Gone Already

Errrr...hello, July. I honestly wasn't expecting to see you so soon. Half a year is gone already, with most of us all still in lockdown, staying safe by staying at home. And it's not getting easier, isn't it? New issues keep arising, challenges are getting harder, but on another end, this year has been revolutionary too. 2020 is the year of awakening for a lot of us, where we were suddenly forced to adapt, learn new things, toughen up, confront our own anxieties, rediscover old hobbies, heal broken relationships, and little do we realize, things are actually getting better, just in a very different way. 2020 is definitely a year to remember, a beginning of a decade that I hope will make us much, much stronger.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Dear, Blog. I Love You.

Good evening, blog. Diana here. It's been a while, heh? Instagram took more of my time and attention I kinda neglected you. I apologize. I should never forget you because you, yes you, you were the one who was there for me since the early times - times when I was still discovering myself, when I was still soul-searching, times when I was still lost and still unsure on what I wanted to do in this life. You were my only friend who would listen to me, allowed me to write anything I wanted to without judging me. So thank you, dear blog. Thank you for growing with me..together.

This year this blog celebrates its 13th anniversary. Wow. Isn't this amazing? We have been bestfriends for 13 years already, hopefully for forever. When I started 'you', I was still in university doing my Masters. I met S at at that time. We were still dating. And today we have been married for 9 years already. We have 2 kids. Wow. Time flies so fast, just like that, and yet when I look at my old posts and old #OOTDs, I smile because I feel like I never changed. I'm still that crazy colorful girl who likes to experiment in clothes and do DIYs and I guess I love the fact that I never lost my identity. "Motherhood will change you", they say. But I don't feel that way. I'm still that crazy colorful girl who just happens to have two new little bestfriends in her life. I'm not good at being a mother, I think. I feel lost sometimes. But what if a "mother" is just a label? And what if in reality, I just want to be my children's best friend? Like we are. I want to be the kind of friend to my children who basically listens to each other, who grows together, who learns from each other, and just have fun and probably cry together - with no judgement. Just pure love and support. And empowerment and encouragement.

Oh, blog. You have no idea. It's been a crazy ride. My dreams have changed. My thinking about life has changed. I no longer desire to be that ambitious businesswoman I have always thought I was going to be. I have learned that the world is a better place when things are kept smaller, so that everyone gets equal opportunities to create and support each other, and most importantly, when we don't keep taking and taking and taking from mother earth. The trendy word is "sustainability", "the future of fashion" they say. But it's true. Fashion has been a selfish and very competitive industry it makes no sense now. Why the need for such extravagant fashion shows? Why do we need so many seasons of collections? Why do people need to buy new 'it' bags every 2 weeks just to show how updated you are on Instagram? It is exhausting. And money-consuming. Slow down, fashion. You are losing your essence. Shouldn't fashion celebrate the wearer - to make the wearer look good and FEEL good? If so, then it should never be a competition where everybody needs to run so fast they even forget to feel.

Anyway, it's late. I should be sleeping. Talk to you soon. Muah! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Why Corona :(

So it's been more than a month since I updated my blog and suddenly I'm back because I feel...sad? Sigh. Because probably writing is one of the best ways to heal.

What has happened while I was gone (from the blogging world):

  • I've fallen in love with sewing at home, thanks to S who bought me a sewing machine for my birthday. My sewing machine now feels like an extension of my's a tool that fixes so many things; hubby's torn pyjamas, clothes that are too big, it also fixes my mood. I've been sewing almost every night doing so many things. Upcycling, making clothes from scratch, I really feel this whole sewing thing has opened me up. It made me understand design better. It has taught me the real construction of a design which is basically a result of great planning, thinking, patience and precision.
  • The new Disney "Stargirl" movie is finally out can spot 3 pairs of my UP shoes in it woohooooo! Grace VanderWaal's style is so perfect in the movie, it reminds me of my own style when I was young(er) LOL. And yes, I MADE IT TO DISNEY. Wow.
  • I'm working on a new BIG project that requires me to go back to my roots: graphic designing. It involves cute doodles and bright vivid colors and for sure, motivational quotes. I cannottttt wait to reveal this project soon, launching in June 2020.
  • I failed my Switzerland driving theory test for the 2nd time gosshhhhhh. I'm so sad I am so not motivated to take another test again..:D
  • Lastly, COVID-19. Yes, the coronavirus crisis. I am so worried about my parents back in Indonesia. At the same time, the numbers are quite high in Switzerland too. As of today, there has been more than 3,000 cases and 33 deaths here in Swiss. In Indonesia, the fatality rate is around 9%. Every hour, I message or call my parents to monitor what they are doing, where they are, just to make sure that they STAY AT HOME and not get tempted to go out because of boredom. As for us here in Switzerland, it's already quarantine Day 5, and so far we have managed to stay at home fully and keep the kids occupied with toys and books. We check the numbers every few hours and feel so sad whenever there is a new case or death. It's crazy. It's scary. It is not "just" a virus. Please don't take this lightly. Stay safe, be cautious, and keep updated with new policies and regulations being implemented by the government around the world.
Oh no. Daria just woke up LOL. Gotta put her to sleep now. Good night! :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

My Shoes in STARGIRL!!

I just realized that the trailer of the upcoming Stargirl movie is finally out and let tell me you a secret I’ve been holding for so long: MY UP SHOES ARE WORN BY THE MAIN CHARACTER ‘STARGIRL’ HERSELF! I couldn’t believe it when their production team contacted me in 2018 asking to use a few pairs of my shoes for the movie as they find the styles very suiting for the character. In the trailer, you can already spot two UP shoes and I hope more will make appearances too woohooooo! Streaming this March on #DisneyPlus, I CANNOT WAIT!

Love you, Grace VanderWaal!

PS: I made it to Disney!! 🥳

Watch the full trailer here:

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

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