Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Classic Black

I have grown a deep deep love towards Chanel and I'm not sure why hehe. It's like, I nowadays like to spend time browsing anything Chanel, watch videos about their handbags, compare prices between shops. I think I wanna be a Chanel collector heheh. Who knows my dreams come true! :D

This one's my new Chanel handbag, a classic black in caviar leather because it is deemed to be the most wearable, versatile, timeless and scratch-proof bag. It's the same size as my pink one, which is medium size with double flaps. Yayyyyy...:)

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

High Five

I miss my blogger friends so it was definitely a day I was looking forward to today: the Bloggers Kulture Market in Coffee Kulture! There were 5 of us selling our preloved items; Cindy Karmoko, Claradevi, Anaz Siantar, Olivia Lazuardy and myself. These girls are so fun and pretty in real life hihi. Managed to sell half of the stuff I brought so my closet should have more space now..:p

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Short Hair I Care

Finally finally finally. The haircut I've been lusting over for years hehehe. Justin Bieber? Miley Cyrus? Liza Minnelli? :D

Thank you for finally allowing me to chop my hair this short, hubby! :)

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Dearest Daisy

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Oh La Vintage dress, Zara beanie hat, Up wedges

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What I Wore Today

Spent the day with mom..:)

During lunch, we chatted about how to deal with people who love making other people feel bad about themselves even though they don't appear doing so. They usually will slip in their mean remarks in between compliments.

For example :

"Heyyyy, long time no see. You look good! A bit fat though, but looking good as always!"

"I love the way you think. But not a fan of your personal style."

"Oh, such a handsome son, look at his beautiful eyes. (looks at the mother) I bet he got it from his father."

"I finally found a part of your house that I dislike - the sofa doesn't look comfortable. Love your house though."

Some people told me that these kind of remarks aren't necessarily an insult, but more of an opinion. The thing is, some opinions are better kept to yourself, if, if it might make the other person feel uncomfortable. There are many many people out there whose style aren't my cup of tea, but there is clearly no need to say it out loud. Why even bother? If there is anything I need to say, I would simply look for something I like out of his/her style and just compliment on that. That simple.

Practice on appreciating the good in others and think of what other people (might) feel, not satisfying our own ego of having to have an opinion all the time.

Because having good manners simply matter.

I personally think these remarks would have sounded better.

"Heyyyy, long time no see. You look good!"

"I love the way you think."

"Oh, such a handsome son, look at his beautiful eyes."

"Love your house."

Just stop right there. That's all. Words can be very dangerous, you know? We really need to pay attention to the words we use and how we structure it. I really hope "small" things like these can be better practiced on a daily basis..:)


Mom said, if we come across these kind of people, no matter how much we feel like replying back, just let it go. At the end of the day, Allah will only give happiness and blessings to those are genuinely kind to others. So let them be. Let them say what they want.

If you wonder where I got my positive attitude from, I got it from my momma.

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Atkey shirt, Leony Evelyn lace mustard skirt, MCM bag, Topshop socks, Up sandals

Monday, August 11, 2014

Why I Love My Hubby

Me: "Youtube-ing? What video are you watching?"
S: "How to pop a pimple."

It Occured To Me That..I'm That.

They say, age makes you wiser. Not for everyone though, but it works for me. Not only does getting "older" has made me wiser, it has also taught me to be stronger. Less worries. Less drama. Just being grateful every single day.

One thing that I learned greatly, is that the quality of life you live heavily depends on the people you are surrounded with. I was not brought up in such a good environment, that I had to be bullied by my teachers and friends. My mom's a witness btw so I'm not making this up. It was toxic, and it took a huge part of myself, making me feel scared to live my life - taking away my youth in a way. But mom never pulled me out of that environment. She taught me to be strong, to get pass it, to just focus on my studies and achieve good grades. I didn't understand at that time. I felt tortured. The whole process was painful. But I survived. And I graduated from all my elementary, primary and high school as Best Student continuously.

Did I get any acknowledgment from my school? No. It was a slap on my face. I felt like "working hard" and "achieving good grades" turn out to not matter at all. So I became sort of a rebel during my university times. I arrive late in class, I sit in the most back row, I sleep during classes, I never take notes. I just hated the whole thing. Fast forward, I graduated and I survived.

Looking back at those years, I feel like if there was anyone to blame, it would be...myself. I think, I was too weak. I allowed people to hurt me. I allowed the environment to affect me. I learned from S that we ought to stand up and speak up for ourselves. If only I was slightly "louder", perhaps life would have been less miserable for me at that time.

Nowadays, I feel more confident to speak up. To stand up for the things I believe in. If things don't change, I decide to leave and move on. I don't want to be surrounded by negative energy coming from negative people. I choose to be among those who inspire me, in hopes that I can inspire others too. I no longer worry about people who talk bad about me, who mistreat me, and those who look down on me. Because their voice do not matter anymore.

The memories of myself being bullied by friends, by teachers, they still remain inside my head. I think it's hard to completely eliminate such bitter feelings. But they don't affect me anymore. Instead, I use them as a motivation to be better. To succeed in the things I do. And a reminder to not treat people the way they treated me.

I also learned that achievements are not for anyone else but ourselves. It does not matter if other people don't care. Because our achievements are for our own sake - to mark our own milestones, and move on. It is the people you love who matters the most. To make them proud and happy. If they are happy for you, then that means more than anything else.

I now think, that if we don't like something, get out. Just get out of it. Get rid of it. Life's too short to be spent like that. Find a new pond where you can swim free and happy, no matter how small or big. Even better, make your own pond.

Happy Monday..:)


Sunday, August 10, 2014

You're Weird.

I think, throughout my whole life, one of the comments that I mostly get is:

"You're weird."

I know! And I like it! I'm weird because I think funny. I'm funny. Life's funny. I just like to have fun. My sense of humor makes me enjoy weirdness because it entertains myself. I even like to look in the mirror and laugh at the way I dress sometimes. Because being funny is fun.

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