Friday, August 26, 2016

Featured on Streething

Such a fun interview with Streething where they also made a 30-questions video about me and Schmiley Mo. Read the full article here! :)

 photo Untitled-1_zpstexxalcs.jpg

Thursday, August 25, 2016

What I Wore Today

I am basically obsessed with (faux) fur shawls lately. This is what I wore to today's Asia Luxury Index 2016 Media Launch event...:)
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Delfa suit set, Fendi clutch, Up heels

Friday, August 19, 2016

SCHMILEY MO at KLFW 2016: It's A Wrap!

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Dreams do come true, even when they are so random and wild. I've always thought about having a clothing line but never thought it was ever going to come true, moreover given the opportunity to make its debut in such a grand event abroad. And it did. Schmiley Mo is my tribute to girls out there who believe that fashion should be fun and easy but at the same time modest. Yes, the word "Mo" is actually derived from the word "modesty" because I believe in less-skin is more.

Anyway, my first experience backstage was pretty frightening hehe. I even asked the stage choreographer, "can I hug you?", to which she allowed me to hehehehehhe. But I am happyyyyy because I learned so much! My models were also very kind, so that was helpful. And hey, Tuti from Asia's Next Top Model walked for Schmiley Mo too! OMG! #fangirling

 photo cccc_zpsc1ysbvom.jpg  photo hh_zpstdepysnd.jpg  photo ccc_zpsi3qmkuou.jpg
 photo hhh_zpstqfbciwu.jpg  photo bbbb_zpslvjed3wy.jpg  photo aaaa_zps4uuy6ybe.jpg  photo cc_zpsjx3pxbs3.jpg  photo bbb_zpszvtzrnoy.jpg  photo ccccc_zps76rj13ns.jpg  photo h_zpsww1tylrl.jpg  photo c_zpsfrxsu0cy.jpg  photo ggggg_zpsdthy8hfh.jpg 

And tadaaaaaa! My first ever proper fashion show hahah! Full house, music was just perfect, balloons were all looking pretty. Yay! :)

 photo ggg_zpsnqjafnyg.jpg  photo bb_zpsvokiuh2m.jpg  photo b_zpscwwqfn8q.jpg  photo gggg_zps53vhg9uq.jpg  photo aaaaa_zpsdexdyloh.jpg  photo a_zpsrz6ssqii.jpg  photo g_zpsl0p4sihk.jpg
 photo aa_zpscesybfru.jpg
Friends who came to support

This collection will be available for purchase inshaaAllah starting September. Stay tuned! :)

KLFW 2016 is only the beginning and I do hope to see a bright future for Schmiley Mo. Amin! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Press Preview for SCHMILEY MO

The day that got me really jittery in the morning was the press-preview day. Press preview is basically an early preview for the media where they get to see the clothes before everyone else and interview the designer directly. It got me so anxious that I spent around 20 minutes just taking pics of my balloons to calm myself down (balloons make me happy) and listened to Fathia Izzati's ukulele covers (her voice is soothing, FYI) while getting ready in my hotel room.

But it was all good! I love how diverse the questions were and some of them were really 'sharp', basically the type of questions that I rarely receive when interviewed by the media in Indonesia. But honestly, I like sharp and difficult questions. Hoping to read positive reviews by them! :)

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 photo bbbb_zpsastsppld.jpg  photo b_zpsood6jhn4.jpg

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello, KL!

Arrived in KL to prepare for the big day of Schmiley Mo debuting in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016. Fitting session, press review, fashion show, bismillahirrahmanirrahim..:)

PS: I have the best team ever. Isn't it so thoughtful that they surprised me with these balloons inside my hotel room? Awwwwww!

 photo p_zpsvxizbsgq.jpg  photo aa_zpshailwtms.jpg  photo aaaa_zpshk33gldc.jpg  photo ppp_zps4frhfgis.jpg  photo aaa_zpskmz4u5zr.jpg
Lazy Oaf shirt dress, MCM bag, The Ragged Priest faux fur shawl,
Up wedges

2 Days To Gooooooooo!

 photo Schmiley Mo postcard-01_zpsieugnfjz.jpg  photo Schmiley Mo postcard-01_zpsfebstf9i.jpg

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Being Lollipop

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Gentle Monster sunglasses, Moschino waist bag, Chanel bag, Current Mood shoes

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Please Welcome: SCHMILEY MO!

I've been thinking about this for the longest time and started to cook the idea starting last year, and finally, finally, finally, finally, next week I'll be launching my new clothing line next week in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016. OMG!!!

Yes, yes, the brand is called Schmiley Mo, which I'll be revealing soon what the two words actually mean heheh. In the mean time, please show your love and support by following its Instagram account @schmileymo.

God is kind if you work hard and try hard.

So I guess I have 3 babies now; Up, #88LoveLife, and Schmiley Mo. Bismillah! :)
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