Saturday, November 24, 2007


Pavilion is one of the new shopping centers in KL (another one is The Gardens), which falls under the category of posh. I realize that there's nothing much I can spend my money on in this place, but I do enjoy the clean, spacious and high-class environment hehehe...well, anyways, J.Co Donuts expanded their franchise business to Malaysia, and helloooooo Malaysia, they opened their very first shop in Pavilion, a very good entry strategy I must say. It's been almost 2 months since their opening, but J.Co Donuts seems to be successful in keeping the buzz on and attract soooo many customers each and every day. This is how extremely full J.Co Donuts was today...kuh-ray-zeeee...

Moving on, I'm pretty lucky cuz there seemed to be many interesting things going on in this place today. As I was about to exit the plaza, there were these 2 super cute clowns handing out balloons to the young visitors which I couldn't resist on not taking pictures with them hehehe....

Then, just outside the shopping center, another attention-grabbing event was this some kind of action by random young people holding signs of "FREE HUGS". I was like, "huh??". Then one lady came up to me and said, "Hi, free hugs!! Want a hug?". I said, "for what?", and she replied, "for love"..hehhe. So I just said, "Oh..ok...hug hug" and smiled (and not hug for real cuz it felt really akward). That was funny. I mean, I've never seen such thing. Cute, but weird. I took some pictures of them.

Well...that was an interesting day. Nonetheless, I did buy something today. Found these unbranded shoes at such an affordable price. Lovely. Black shoes with thin high-heels, and my favorite part would be the front edge that has this gradient color of blue.

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