Friday, November 23, 2007

The Essentials

I’m doing pretty well with my shopping-addiction treatment these days...if before I would spend my money on anything I see and be attracted to…now I’m doing much better dealing with my irrational cravings…what I do now is browse over the internet and make a list of what I’m gonna buy for the month. And, I also try to decide with full consciousness on what exactly are the things I need, instead of those I want…heheheh. The things I need would be those I can wear often and easy to mix and match. Well, that’s what I did this month as well. And hooray, I bought them today; Topshop leather pants and a Zara black sweater. Well I did go for some additional necklaces, but that was because they were on a huge discount, a reason I find coherent to break my rules a bit…;p

I seriously don’t know why I’m into black, leather and gloves lately. No, I am not inspired by Rihanna, puh-leez. As life and fashion are exactly well represented as a cycle, I think I am currently wheeled back to those moments when I used to play in a band and was always trying to pull off a rock look heheheh…I never label myself as a rocker though...but, I do have a huge adoration towards stuffs like leather, black costumes, studded items, and boots.

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