Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Mr. S,

I miss you.


Lala Bohang is officially my favorite illustrator! :)

Thank you sooooo much, dear! :)


Such a world record..I slept at 8.30 p.m. last night..:D

Oh yes, that involved: no dinner, no shower, no watching TV hehehe..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sleep Sleep

As I've mentioned earlier, I took a day off today...resting at home does bring benefit to both the mind and soul...:)

Anyway, played around with my pajama heheh..who said we can't go out wearing pajamas? ;p

Received lovely accessories from :


necklace & bangles

and Little Lula...

ring & studs

Thanks, both!!

And yes, I finally got time to pack all LOVE EARTH shopper be dispatched tomorrow! Woohooo!! :)

Love our earth, peeps! :)

Featured: GADIS Magazine

Thank you so so much!! :)

Click image to read

Featured along the great Cotton Ink & Dylan Sada....:)

Lines of Moi

Illustrated by Felkiza Vinanda...thank you so much, dear! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Third of a Century

Watched Date Night, played in Fun World, then celebrated my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary...a good Sunday alhamdulillah...:)

Topshop dress, Uniqlo tights, Aigner bag, unbranded necklace, Nine West wedges

A Quick Sip of Yogyakarta

Look look...I bought this pillow in Yogya..the filling is made of shredded used plastic sales packaging...uber kewl.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopping In The USA

I loooooooove online-shopping!! What's best about online-shopping, is that we get to buy items that are unique and most probably not available in our own country...therefore not easily spotted on anybody else! ;p

However, goods that I usually lust for, are ones that are sadly only available in U.S online stores. And many of us shopping via U.S. online stores often end up frustrated as such U.S. merchants only ship to a valid U.S. mailing address, or if they do ship overseas, the shipping charges are unreasonably expensive.

What to do? Utilize a new service offered by vsHub!! When we become a member of vsHub, we will own a shipping address in the U.S. managed by vsHub, then vsHub will forward the purchased goods to our real address (in Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore).

More info on how it works in detail is available here to read.

Oh I'm DEFINITELY gonna be a member! :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bones & Spangles

Vahada top, Cotton On sequin cropped top, Juice Mixmax skirt, Forever 21 sequin beanie hat, mom's Chanel necklace, Bianca - Wondershoe shoe

Tug At The Heartstrings

Dear kak diana,

I know we've never met in person before but i am also a blogger and a fashion enthusiast like yourself. i am writing because i want you to have the slightest idea of how grateful i am to have stumbled upon your fashion blog. not long after i made a blog last year, i visited your blog and i remember posting a comment. i then read another girl's comment, and her colorful blogger avatar caught my attention. her name is febri. i visited her blog and we instantly became cyber friends. our conversations took place in the form of comments, and they were somehow always about you. long story short, we decided to meet up. she talked about you and how your blog inspires her. i talked about you and how your blog inspires me too. unlike me, she is more of a color person and i could see how your style has influenced hers. we found something in common- we both love you. we eventually began talking about other things too, we talked and talked for hours to the point that i found out how her high school best friend is attending the same college with me in los angeles. she gave me a little bit of her best friend's background: her name is jennifer, she has a phobia of buttons, and she loves korean bbq. with that information in mind and with the hope of being friends with this girl, i added her facebook and i directly asked her if she wanna hang out with me sometime. after four months, a few shopping trips, movie treats, sleepovers and dinners, here i am in orlando, florida with her. i know this story is so unimportant and you might be thinking "why are you telling me this?" but the point is, none of those things i mentioned above would have happened if it's not because of you, kak. i wouldn't be friends with neither febri nor jennifer, and i wouldn't be writing this at this moment. i am also surprised by the outcome of that one simple comment i made in your blog. i mean, who wouldn't? last year when i wrote that particular comment, i didn't really picture myself being here with my best friend right now. you've given me not only one, but two best friends. you've given febri, me, and countless other readers the window to endless inspirations, opportunities, adventures, and encounters. i will always remember you not only for what you wear and what you write in your blog, but also for what your passion has done to my life. thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail. thank you for being you, and thank you for doing what you love to do, because i love it too.

p.s: i'd love to thank you in person, but being in the present circumstances, i know it's highly impossible to score a meeting with you.

Talisha Quinta.


Dear Talisha,

I can't believe the princess of Ribbony Boo has written to me...what an honor...I'm your big fan...:')

You got me speechless reading your's so sweet and honestly unexpected. I never realized how a blog could ever do so, or maybe it can, but you had the kindness and depth to even think about it... I'm happy to know that you have your bestfriends beside you...friendship is indeed a beautiful thing...

Take care,'re a special girl..

And thank you...very, very much :)


Lusting Over

Buckle wedges from Topshop...

A natural beauty.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dispatch Dispatch

Received these from Juice Mixmax...merci beacoup...:)

Juice Mixmax polkadot blazer, Cotton Ink stripe shirt, Memooi shorts, mom's vintage Dior bag, Balenciaga shoes

Btw, I'm sooooooo sorry for the delay, but I just got time to print out all of your addresses (bear with me, I had to compile 100 contact details ;p)...hopefully will be able to send off all LOVE EARTH shopper bags by Thursday...please be patient! :)

Good night, all!! :)


I decided to wear another perfume today, not the one I have been constantly using for the past 6 months. Do you know? I tend to wear the same perfume everyday. And same goes to handbags. And my initial rings. And my wrist watch. I prefer to connect with things I am familiar with...:)

I love to walk. I enjoy long walks over light random talks. I love to sleep. Or pretend to sleep. And while I do so, I would be carefully listening to the chats that are taking place.

Oh life is indeed mysterious. It gets pretty scary when you come to think of how air plays a major role in our lives while it is practically invisible. Even scarier knowing that you actually know nothing is for sure.

This post is so random I know...;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Love To Walk Around The City

Weekend in Bandung...:)

DR for Bloop Endorse shirt, Forever 21 leggings, hat & sunglasses, Anynomish bracelet,
Moonaddict (021-92006652) shoe

* last picture courtesy of Ghagah

Friday, April 16, 2010

Have a Sip, Long & Grey.

Received 2 new books from the witty Margareta Astaman...yay!! Can't wait to read and write a review about them...:)

Anyway, my current favorite pieces...

DR for Bloop Endorse maxi dress, Mango statement necklace, unbranded 4-finger gloves

Cotton Ink Nala top in grey, Zara shirt, unbranded skirts & belt, Topshop socks & wooden necklace, Schu sandals

Planning to get this drawstring trouser pictured below on the left from Cotton Ink too! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lotsa Layers

Wanna make a skirt like this! Hehehe...

Katy Rodriguez

Vitamin C

Morning thought: life is about coordination. Being a human puts you in the center of almost everything there is, but it’s your choice whether you want to view those around from an eye-level or an elevated one.

Eclate dress, eBase orange dress, Bin House bag, Lumi by Alxalexa ring, unbranded bowler hat, Re Shoppe shoes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Self Gardening

I feel like picking up some fresh flowers and stick em on my tights...:)

Happy 100

Here you go...100 people who will be receiving the LOVE EARTH bag... yay!!

  1. Diana Rikasari
  2. Intan Valentina
  3. Rimadina Nawangwulan
  4. Kunti
  5. Astri Wahyuni
  6. Mbak Zee
  7. Natalia Arini
  8. Retno Pujiastuti
  9. Jessica
  10. Shella Amadea
  11. Anastasia Andria
  12. Hanny Gultom
  13. Annisa Diandari Putri
  14. Eka Yosephine
  15. Arie Puji L
  16. Fanny Rivera
  17. Shafira Anjani
  18. Jessyca Octavia
  19. atika amalina
  20. Sari Putri Utami
  21. Tika
  22. Rara Prasetya
  23. Phelia Amadea
  24. Amalia Rakhmita Utami
  25. Cilya Marthalena
  26. Kenyasentana
  27. Melissa.tjioe
  28. Riri
  29. Vina Sagita
  30. Clarissa
  31. Anggita Cinditya
  32. Nenden Alifa Syahdazahra
  33. Christin Widjaja
  34. Shesta Dwityana
  35. Indah Pratiwi
  36. Fathia Fauzia
  37. Natali
  38. Wulandari Sofwan
  39. Catherine
  40. Ghizadhia Amira Putri
  41. Dinda Nayaredhanty
  42. clarissa suharli
  43. nadhifa irmadilla
  44. Michelly Ramli
  45. Mirra
  46. diana
  47. Archangela Gabrielle
  48. Ria
  49. Ricka Puspita Atmadja
  50. Chloe
  51. Monica Kosasih
  52. Laras arum
  53. Atikah Hanan
  54. Vitri Hanariyanti
  55. Fonny Yauri
  56. Stephanie
  57. Talita Natalia
  58. Putri halley
  59. Selly Sulistyowati
  60. Laksmi Sari
  61. Lexa
  62. Valencia
  63. Theodora Caroline Sihotang
  64. Debra Tamara Pontoh
  65. Mia Puspita Ratih
  66. Fitri Hidayanti
  67. Nita Sellya
  68. Kathrien
  69. Agnes Ineza
  70. Nora Tagore
  71. Rizka Arika
  72. Sabila Anata
  73. Desita
  74. Jesselyn
  75. Clarina Andreny
  76. Yolanda Suciati
  77. chairuna noor
  78. Amanda Jessica
  79. Shafira Anjani
  80. Winny Zharfania Dewi
  81. Lila Kathrina
  82. Ega
  83. Pauline
  84. Evelina Januar
  85. Dwi Endah Mira M
  86. Nanda Soraya
  87. Erinna A P
  88. Yulian
  89. Novi Puspitaningrum
  90. Idelia Sabrani
  91. Raudhatul Janah
  92. Anya Sinta
  93. Bella Fransisca
  94. Octrivia
  95. Amelia Winnie
  96. Deisha Tamar Manuhutu
  97. Felicia Jean
  98. I Made Dwi Antara
  99. Veronica Anastasia
  100. Puspita Sari

Sunday, April 11, 2010

LOVE EARTH, Love Sunday.

Dorothy Perkins jersey dress, Bonny Fuschia floral jacket, necklace from Bali,
Moonaddict (021-92006652) shoe

Oh myyyyyy...I've already received more than 100 requests for the LOVE EARTH shopper bag in less than a day...WOW!! Will be sending off the bags to the first 100 emailers as soon as possible...thank you so much for your interest, guys!! I hope our beloved earth is happy about this...:)

Despite winning the LOVE EARTH shopper bag or not, I hope this project has inspired you all to start reducing our use of plastic bags...slowly, we can change the way we live, hence a better and greener earth..:)

Watch out for some more green projects, peeps! XOXO
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