Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopping In The USA

I loooooooove online-shopping!! What's best about online-shopping, is that we get to buy items that are unique and most probably not available in our own country...therefore not easily spotted on anybody else! ;p

However, goods that I usually lust for, are ones that are sadly only available in U.S online stores. And many of us shopping via U.S. online stores often end up frustrated as such U.S. merchants only ship to a valid U.S. mailing address, or if they do ship overseas, the shipping charges are unreasonably expensive.

What to do? Utilize a new service offered by vsHub!! When we become a member of vsHub, we will own a shipping address in the U.S. managed by vsHub, then vsHub will forward the purchased goods to our real address (in Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore).

More info on how it works in detail is available here to read.

Oh I'm DEFINITELY gonna be a member! :D


GRICIA said...

info yg sangat berguna..thanks Di..

Jessays said...

kak diana minta rekomendasi online shop di US yang bagus dong kak. thanks :)

bestie said...

Ooh that's so cool! Too bad it's not available in my country. :c

mariska said...

but sometimes shipping ny lbh mahal dr hrga barangny.


Virginia. said...

Halo diana saya juga suka menggunakan forwarder semacam itu, cmn sangat disayangkan harga brg dan harga shipping bisa dikatakan sama..hehe.boleh ksh saran ke saya apa yg menjadi keunggulan dar vhub tsb.tks.

Atikah Amalia said...

Thanks for the info sist :)

Curious and Marvelous said...

oh man greaat kak :)
I'm promoting my blog right now..
I would be very excited if
kak Di, or who-ever is that
visit my blog and gimme some comments :D

ps: i always visit your blog everyday kak :)

curious and marvelous

Rika Safrina said...

thanks di!

ALdO AKiRA said...

waNNa buY MaKeUp..

tHx fOR tHe iNFO jeuNG DiaNa..

Author in the making: said...

sounds awesome xxxx

Linda R said...

What a really useful info, Diana! *V*

Lemme check it out first! :D

Thank youu so much! <3

Anonymous said...

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DinnaPutriAprila said...

Di, thanks for the info....
gw juga lagi frustasi mau belanja di UK...
u save me..
thanks again di..

chibimoruku said...

you said it delivers to Malaysia but when i checked they only do delivery to Singapore and Indonesia =(

Black Cat said...

do visit us kak d!

we have new product from france..:)

deekkyy said...

wah enak tuh bisa berbelanja di USA..

Hirarai said...

unique selling...
i like it'

mutianugrabita said...

guess what. sekalinya aku comment di post kakak langsung banyak yg visit blog aku :)))

Ctoonz said...

why are you always great? :D
I always love your post !!! :D

ctoonz from


Becca. said...

love your blog header, it's fab!



Jada C. said...

ah i love your blog!!!


cindycatwalk said...

Great fashion blog!!

Visit and follow my fashion journey too!!

Thank very much!!
Diana is my inspiration!! :)

cimel said...

woow, first visit, and got this useful info. Thanks a bunch darl.

I certainly will bookmark ur blog :)

lollypollyjolly said...

wow.. thanks for the info di! :)

ice creamy world said...

Hi sist..
I am a new blogger..
My new blog :
Thx for visit..

ira said...

Hei Di, saya sdh coba shipping company ini dan sungguh sangat kecewa karena setelah menunggu lama satu bulan setelah pembayaran menerima kabar bahwa barang saya HILANG.. !! Mereka memberi tracking no. juga tapi sama saja; tetap pada akhirnya saya terima kabar bahwa barang hilang. Mau gimana lagi?? Saya sdh ikut asuransi utk pengiriman ini, lihat saja nanti pada akhirnya berapa biaya penggantian ya akan saya terima :((( ... I'm so disappointed..

Anonymous said...

Jangan pergunakan perusahaan ini,
saya kehilangan BLACKBERRY saya di perusahaan ini!!!!!!

sekalian aja pake ato yang lain.

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