Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

Featured: B'Girl Magazine

Yayy! Another feature on B'Girl January 2009 Edition!! The 3-page article was basically about how to make a blog etc and I was surprisingly featured together with my lovely friend, Woro and also Opi...cheers to us, babes!! :)

2 Scoops of Ice Cream. Yummm.

Out to meet some usual, an easy pick of my brother's sweater & shirt for my lazy days heheheh...

Brother's Topman sweater & shirt, DIY chain necklace, eBay lame leggings, Giordano Concept oxford lace-up shoes

Got more gifts from Adit & Ayu, THE cutest siblings I've ever known...thanks, guyyss!! :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello Miss Wonder

Finally! Wondershoe sandals of my own! Yayy!! At such an affordable price, I deem them very comfy and worthy to buy...:)

Get your own Wondershoe at Kemanggisan Raya no. 103, West Jakarta :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tumbler Mumbler

How to kill a mockingbird time: decorate your tumbler...;p

Mango tuxedo blazer, Roxy striped shirt, vintage sunnies, Padini skinny belt, Topshop denim skirt, Giordano Concept oxford lace-up shoes

I Hate Kenny Rogers Roasters

What I did today: met up with my college friends (and got more birthday presents from them! Yayy!), and did quite a lot of shopping hehehe...I'm nuts.

Today's special menu: necklaces....:D

From Mango...

From Alun-Alun...

From Madness...
And also, I got the coolest shoes from Giordano Concept...woohooo!!!! :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Presents

Apologies for the continuous my-birthday topics, I promise you this is the last one ahahah...

From my dearest brother; birthday cake and an LCD alarm clock...such an innuendo for my lack of ability for waking up on time :D

From my sweetest office mates; grey knit cardigan, waist belt, specs, and the best surprise ever! <3

Mango shirt, Lacquer & Lace tights, Colin Stuart boots

From Gricia; floral dress and lace hairband...thank you once again, dear! :)

Mango latex-like jacket, tights worn as scarf, mom's vintage belt, Nike sneakers

From my best girlfriends ever; a necklace that looks more like a pen drive ahahah....

And lastly, from my cutest Sharjeel; bangles and dresses!! Yayy!!

Topman fedora, Promod oxford heels

Mango grey shirt, mom's vintage belt, Nine West sulliban sandals

Dorothy Perkins flower brooch, unbranded yellow top, Charles & Keith lace-up heels

Thank you so so much, my loved ones! God bless you, all :)

A New Chapter

Just got back from dinner with my girlfriends to celebrate my birthday...yay!! During the day, my office mates also surprised me not only with gifts and a super yummy chocolate cake but also by putting on a video of Sharjeel (???) wishing me happy birthday...what the? guys are the sweetest!!!

More pics tomorrow :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost Parka

Brother's Red Herring jacket, Topshop tunic, unbranded tights, D-I-Y statement necklace, Zara studded belt, Colin Stuart lace boots

Before I Turn 24

I'd like to say...
  • I like the number 23. In fact, it’s my favorite number of all, not to mention Michael Jordan’s.
  • The age of 23 has been my most defining period in which many decisions were made pertaining to my future. I am grateful for everything that has happened, and I shall have no regrets and take in all the hardships went through as a life-learning process that will make me become a better, and happier person in the future.
  • I love my family, I really do. My relationship with them has been somewhat bumpy, and I promise myself to improve on that.
  • I love you, Sharjeel, Intan and Dina. You guys are eternally valuable in my life.

Welcome 24. Yayy!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Three for Three

Pairing my Topshop grey shirt, By Binnie lace tights (worn over Topshop pink footless tights), and mom's vintage bag with different pieces. Fyi, the first outfit was what I actually wore today.

Kamiseta denim shorts, Padini black skinny belt, vintage glasses, Junda sandals

Mango satin skirt, Zara studded belt, Charles & Keith sandals, pink ribbon worn as hairband

Naf Naf black belt, custom made pink tweed skirt, Orange pink tutu, mom's pearl necklace, unbranded black gladiator sandals

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pictures Revealed

Some unpublished pictures taken by Dewata Priyo for Go Girl! Magazine....:)

Click on the images for a larger view! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boredom: My Very Best Friend

Forever 21 leather jacket, Topshop plaid shirt & leather pants, Dorothy Perkins flower brooch, vintage glasses, Tripp studded boots

I Proudly Present...

Sou Brette Jewellery's newest Fiction Romance collection...I happen to know the owner and all I can say is that she's one hell of a talent...salute!!

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