Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost Parka

Brother's Red Herring jacket, Topshop tunic, unbranded tights, D-I-Y statement necklace, Zara studded belt, Colin Stuart lace boots


Anna Pope said...

Love the two-tones tights!!

J.Yo said...

omg where did you get those tights, D? the purple.. i'm addicted!

karl's sweet child said...

geez! the tights are just superb! happy birthday diana..

Fashion Fille said...

beyond perfect, as always.

putrii :) said...

as fashion fille said, u'r always goes perfect D. for God's sake! i'd always love clicking ur blog link in my own blog!
btw could i ask u what is ur job actually?

Anonymous said...

hay diana..

Slm kenal..
Gw vina..
anyway, prtama x liad blog lw,gw pkr lw org u.k ato mana gtu..trnya indonesia!!wow..
Someday,klo gw ktemu lw,mw foto brg&mnta di make over!hehe..

I have some requests:
1. Tampilin dunk foto diana&mom..pnasaran neh!!;p
2. Skali2 gmana klo fotona jgn d kamar,kyk d dpn rumah,taman ato pas diana lg jln2..

Itu dlu aj deh..
Heppy beltzdayy..
Awet muda,kreatif&jenius..



devishanty said...

eh hebat sweter kakaknya ko bisa muat ga kedodoran.. hehehe
pretty outfit for rainy days like now :P

GRICIA said...

hepi bday..may ur wish come true..

ariela♥ said...



Anonymous said...

The tights, THE TIGHTS!So cool. I am also glad you kept your Of Montreal music on your blog, I have been loving that song, whilst reading about your fashion exploits!

victoria :] said...

too bad the tights are unbranded, i want a pair.

Diana Rikasari said...

Thanks, all!! :)

J.Yo: Bought them in ITC Kuningan :)

putrii: thank you...i'm a marketing consultant :)

vina: hai, there! Thanks yaaa, ok ok, kapan2 deh ya heheh...:D

WendyB said...

Great tights.

Sunset said...

Ahhh the tights! And the jacket

yanti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

kaak dii.. :D :D
gmn siihh caranya bkin 2tone-colored tights ky gituu? ituhh stocking ap legging ka??
aq nyoba ga bs" bkinnya!! huwahh.. :(

Diana Rikasari said...

Anonymous: gue pake 2 tights hehehe...nanti sisa "kaki" dari tiap legging di selipin ke underwear hohoho ;p

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