Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Sharjeel,

I would love to have this as my birthday gift.



hunz said...

^0^.. he!

AFitz said...

OT, but did you always have that amazing header there?

Jhan said...

Hi Diana,

I follow your blog once in a while, specially, if i have time browsing the net. yesterday, during lunch break, I went to your previous posts and boy, I missed so much. Anyways, lemme great you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Big Time. I like you style as always!.

- Jhan

Jhan said...

again: Let me Greet you a

Happy Happy Birthday!!!


Becca Jane said...

fabulous skirt!

Freddy Style said...

Sumpah selera lo GW BANGET!!!
hahahah...jangan lupa dipake kalo uda dibeliin

devishanty said...

emang ulangtaunnya kapan?

Diana Rikasari said...

devishanty: sebelum christmas hehehe....;p

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