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Friday, November 26, 2010

Part 2 Done!!

So happy to have done our 2nd round of our Blogger Yard Sale..and it was even more fun this time given that more bloggers participated...yay! :)

DR for Bloop Endorse shirt, Coloriot shorts, unbranded tights, Forever 21 necklace,

Below are some pictures during the event...and if you noticed, the color of the photos are slightly different than the usual as I used a new camera...;p And oh, I asked all the bloggers to take a picture with my orange bear hehehhe....

Some lovely readers that came...thank you! :)

Bena kindly came and helped me out an itsy bitsy teenie weenie bit...:D

And my geeky S...;p

Me: "What does that mean?"
Him: "Sharjeel eats Diana. Pacman!"

Thank you so much for dropping by and even shopping, peeps! Hope we meet some other time...:)


Melai said...

congrats on the yard sale. love your scalloped shorts!

Melai of Style and Soul

Bunga Kariodimedjo said...

:O kamera barunya apa kaak? :D

Tilda said...

Ohhh, I love your shorts where are they from ? x

hanny arianty gultom said...

Die, finally we met.. ^^.. you are the same as in blog and in real life, a nice and cool girl.. hehe.. see you again..


eLLa said...

i couldn't come, the rain was so heavy dan juga udah mau 3in1.. T___T

Dheea said...

Hi Kak Di, biasanya pake nikon coolpix kan? trus, foto2 yard sale kemarin pake kamera apa? thanks Kak Di

sayatoci said...

blognya bagus banget. tolong bantu saya cara buat blog seperti itu. thx before...

Febriani Djunaedi said...

i wish i can be there :( :(
can you make blogger yard sale part 3? :p

Anonymous said...

whoaaaaaa... looks fun there!
i wish i could come :(

may i guess your new camera is Leica?

Anonymous said...

amiin :)
makasih ya kak eventnya ♥ ♥ ♥

semoga ada event seperti ini lagi

Xoxo ♥
Pinkie Anggia

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

congrats for your yard sale, i believe the items are extraordinary


michelle_ said...

gahhhhh I missed this ! i bet it was a more successful event than it was before !

and that pacman thing is sooo cute :)
btw kak . spatu lace up yg tinggi itu.. dari booth siapa ? i love it very much :)

Unknown said...

hi diana

congrats again for the 2nd yard sale, finnaly able to came after missed the first one! :)

btw, is there any way i can have the photo that u took with ur camera? please? :)

btw, i noticed ur new gadget! is it olympus EP1? craving for new one too!


LadyWipr said...

wait... i don't see Sabila Anata, where's she ?

Anonymous said...

hi there,

you have a very nice blog, i know you when i went to Bloop yesterday,asked the man at the cashier :)
you have a very nice collections there at Bloop, btw may i know where can i get those boots "jeffrey campbel look a like"
at your last post Part 2 Done.
foto ke 6 dear...
let me know ya...i wish i know this event before,... :(

salam kenal diana ^^

Coffeelycious said...

Interesting yard sale. Just wondering for stuff pricing that make others interested

Unknown said...

Did the "High Voltage" necklace get sold? That is one bitchin' and ghetto-chic item!

eiphel mercedes said...

your boy is sweet :$
too bad i can't attend the yard :(

Fei said...

diana kapan buat yang part 3? ikutan dong gw, kabar-kabarin yahhhhhhhh

fai said...

kalau adain yang part 3 gw ikutan yah di

Anonymous said...

where was sabila anata? i didn't see her.

Benakribo said...

astaga ga ada poto ama gue. ckckckck...

Diana Rikasari said...

Thank you so much, everyone!! :) Regarding my CAMERA, it's OLYMPUS EPL-1...super nice! :)

Tilda: shorts are from

hanny arianty gultom: we finally met! sooooo happyyy...:)

febriani djunaedi : looking forward to! do wait..:)

michelle_ : too bad you weren't there...hix. the shoes itu jualannya si June Paski...mantap yakkk

Ario Achda: sent already! do check your email! :) iyaaa EPL-1 hihih...seneng :)

anonymous: the shoes are from

Dhila Backstrom : the necklace was sold by Chekka of

Bena: bwhahahahaa maap iyeee tadi udah diupload...

Fai: yuk ngikut! :)

cindy said...

uuu mau belanja tapi uda chaos banget kmaren jadinya foto bareng aja... T_T

CS.NC said...

Cool stuffs Diana , Love it

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