Saturday, September 19, 2009


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "You should be embarassed!!":

"Please don't flatter yourself and call that artwork.deviant art is like getty images for said 'stealing' hmm did s/he put his/her name for the design? Guess not. So it's not stealing then.

By the way, things like these have happened before, right? Why don't you stop complaining and start doing something to prevent others from stealing your so precious 'artworks'? What you do is bragging, and people hate that kind of snobbish attitude.

PS. Your face looks weird in the photo.
PS 2. Maybe you won't publish my comment but I just want you to know what others think about you."

FYI, you are more than welcome to think that I am snobbish and look weird, and I find no reason to not publish your comment. One thing you need to know though, that Getty Images is a site that provides royalty-free stock photography and editorial images, while DeviantArt is an online community showcasing various forms of user-made artwork.

Moral of the day: Do some research before you yap.


ONiC said...

yayyy diana!
dang stealer!!

hanny arianty gultom said...

jiaahhh.. seriuously?? hehe.. that anonymous is still there?? hehehe.. semangadz Die.. ^^.. ignore her... :D

Priska Paramita said...

silly anonymous.

Lauren My Style, My Blog said...

lol what a ridiculous comment. you rock diana!

Elle D said...

oh good lord, anon, try growing some balls and leaving a comment with your actual identity. or does that only work for those of us with dignity? oh, yeah. /:

Author in the making said...

OMg that is horrible i cannot believe he/she said that!! Loving ur blog!!

glitter said...

ahahahhahaha... creepy bgt... creepy jealous... and u look cute at any pictures dear ;)

PowerPuffGirl! said...

Diana RLZ! ;)
Theft is theft, and calling it in one way or another does not change anything.

My english is not the best... :D

kiss me and i'll fly said...

you go girl!!!!! :DD

rizky maretha said...

go diana!
beat that stealer!
i'm with you!

Anonymous said...

it got no life that why it's complaining through other peoples problems.

Jasmin said...

Oh, wow.. How crazy!

olga d said...

lol at angry troll

Anonymous said...

"By the way, things like these have happened before, right? Why don't you stop complaining and start doing something to prevent others from stealing your so precious 'artworks'? What you do is bragging, and people hate that kind of snobbish attitude."

Sadly, I think this paragraph is kinda true..
no offense diana =)

ღ~n0n0i~ღ said...

Udah ambil karyanya orang, eh malah marah-marah lagi.

Biarkan aja dee!!
Orang gitu mana mungkin mau ngaku salah.. Its take courage to own our mistakes. Dia tau dia salah, tapi dia ga mau minta maaf kali ya,langsung cari point ngebahas kelakuannya. Aneh.

Salam lebaran ya Dee..
Semoga sihat dan berbahagia di Syawa yang mulia :)

devi natalia said...

seriously, whoever wrote those comments is realy2 STUPID.

jelas2 mencuri kalo kayak gt. ngambil foto org lain, kemudian dipublish lagi (walaupun udah diedit lagi mungkin), tanpa izin dan credit ke artist orisinal nya, jelas2 nyuri! apalagi ini buat commercial thing.

Gettyimages pun ga free stock ya, itu penyedia stock foto BERBAYAR.

kalo org2 deviantart tau omangan org itu bahwa deviantart is a free stock photos site, bisa ditimpuk rame2 tu org pasti. ga ngerti antara gallery buat majang artworks dan jualan foto gratis ya?

bener2 bodoh bgt yang tls itu. Dan bermental pencuri (walaupun mungkin bukan dia yang ambil foto itu)

(sayang, gw ga jago inggris, pengen nya dia baca)

O.L.I.V.E said...

Go K'Diana!!
Mungkin dy gak punya manner kali ya Kak. Jelas2 itu udah pembajakan. Cuekin aja Kak,hehehe

copyproof said...

gyahahhahha.. s/he is not brave enough, so s/he went anonymous..:))
weird chicken.
thumbs up for you, Diana.. :)

Antonio Barros said...

You should get a lawyer asap! It will not be difficult!

You will win this case because it is your artwork and your face!
They published your pic for commercial purposes and don't have a model release!

Save the flyer that they did, do a print screen of the website of the night club if they used your pic there too..

Good luck!

hafiz akhbar said...

#teamdiana !!!

@Erlinda Mikal@ said...

DIANA-1, Anonymous Yapper-0! Huahuahuahua! Way to go Diana!!!!

Fitri said...

oh no ! s/he's the stealer ! leaving a comment by 'Anonymous' like a sissy :p

bona said...

Iyaaa, cari lawyer! Sue them.. Sapa tau menang trus mbak diana tambah ngetop deh..
Trus mbak go internasional sbagai indonesian blogger yg memenangkan kasus lawan club di jerman.. Trus sapa tau mbak diundang ke NYfw kayak blogger2 lain itu..
Iiiiihh keren bgt!!
Nt fans2nya mbak diana tambah banyak deh!!

Joshua said... works are NOT the same as

You're exactly right! Stock image websites are royalty free and are made for the purpose of artists to USE THEM. are original works that are immediately under international copyright laws whether or not you put a watermark or state it.

They have no right to reuse them without your permission. And since it's obvious which party used this, you can actually take action against them.

You know what you should do? Just write that club an email, at the very least. They need to know that their graphic designer is participating in illegal actions.

TheGreenFaerie said...

The people leaving these anonymous comments clearly have no sense of style, moral or intelligence.
You are fantastic Diana, and one of the most level-headed, stylish bloggers out there.
Keep on Keepin' on!

cindy said...

tp gw rada stuju jg sama anonym. stop complaining please, ini dunia maya anyway. music aja bsa d steal, apalagi cuma foto2 doang. klo ga mao d steal ya terpaksa loe buat stock photo aja sendiri, drpd complain2 ga jelas tanpa ada penyelesaiannya. hidup tu keras mba. wake up. dan klo kesel dan gampang terpancing emosinya sama anonym, kyanya gausah d approve jg kan comment nya dan dtampilin sbg post loe. mo loe triak2, ngomel2 klo foto hasil karya loe dpake d german jg tu org german emg tau? klo mo ngasih plajaran k mreka then prove it.

Moja Amin™ said...


I'm your male silent reader from Malaysia.
and SERIOUSLY, whomsoever that wrote that to you IS the one who who is snobbish. wth.

Just do your things and eff them haters!
You rock, DIANA!

blogwalkin' said...

"By the way, things like these have happened before, right? Why don't you stop complaining and start doing something to prevent others from stealing your so precious 'artworks'? What you do is bragging, and people hate that kind of snobbish attitude."

Sadly, I think this paragraph is kinda true..
no offense diana =)

Gw stuju jg sama anonymous + cindy. No offense. Hihi

Diana Rikasari said...

thank you for all your comments...really appreciate it :)

for some of you who disagreed with me, then it's all cool. i am an artist, and i have the right to be angry whenever i feel that my artwork is being used in the wrong way. you might think that i'm an amateur anyway, that my works have no significant values compared to those produced by 'real' artists.

piracy is different than stealing. someone can always make gucci knockoffs, but they'd still use the gucci logo, and people wud know that that's a replica of gucci anyway. gucci still wins, because the public recognizes and acknowledges the real brain behind the fake gucci products. nevertheless, piracy IS a big crime.

on the other hand, when you steal, you steal the artist's ideas, and most importantly, his/her identity. you don't give credits to the real artist, which is the most saddening part.

festivania said...

Berat deh bawa2 GUCCI! Oh fashion blogger! Hahaha

anis amira said...

way to stand up for yourself!
go dee!

sHaZja's said...

at least ask for your permission if they wanted to use yours :D

Anonymous said...


ct syahira said...

wateve..i support u..

l a r a s ;) said...

oh so funny anonymous, haha.

i love yours, anyway! (arts&blog)
cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

That anonymous has the point actually. And don't call yourself an artist because you're not. And that picture of you is not 'art' at all. I love your fashion sense and everything but that's not art, dear. No offense, love you.

Anonymous said...

Agree, it's not art. Cm foto narsis biasa yg dpake org lain. No offense. Relain aja udh tu org german. Ribet amat. Bsk kan lebaran ini. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Agree, it's not art. Cm foto narsis biasa yg dpake org lain. No offense. Relain aja udh tu org german. Ribet amat. Bsk kan lebaran ini. Hahaha

Owen said...

you rockkkk :)

cecyl said...

Bego jg yah tu org german,,
Pantesan aja flyer2nya jelek gitu,,
Ga ada artistik2 nya buat ukuran german,,

Well hey it's not an art anyway di, it just a narcissism photo.
Tp deep inside ur heart pasti bangga jg kan? Pasti deh. Hahahaha ga mungkin aja engga,,
Kesel tp bangga sekali :D hahaha

Ica said...

kinda agree with those anonymous there dii.. no offense, but i think you sort of bragging about your work, well it's not that great anyway. it's cute, but not soo great.
good day!

Barbie Zhang said...

hi Diana ! im Lia, but called as cha . im kinda ur fashion lover :D

but that 'anonymus' is just finding a sowhatever way to embrass you!
i guess s/h is feeling annoyed that you are more famous than him/her !

don't you see at the first s/h complained bout ur post, then s/h commented about ur face !

omg so silly i guess. u rock Diana! :)

yulinar firdayanti said...

Whoever it is and whatever happened, you're still my role-mode! ♥ :)

Heartburnt said...

We really have to start campaigning copyright respect. All you need actually is to ask for permission, and yet, it's not enough. SERIOUSLY, it's already free of charge. why can't u show some respect? KANCUT.

S. M. Mauren said...

Art (defined by dictionary): skill as applied to subjetcs of taste. It means photography is an art, too.

Diana has a good point and she's not braggin'. that person in charge for making flyers of that German club is indeed violating Diana's rights of her works. Seriously Anonymous, please do some research before you blab. read dictionary and law books (especially those which related to IP rights) and fill your dumb head with good arguments before you brag.

Yes, i think you're the one who brag.

Stealing is stealing, mate!

ivy said...

apaan ih bikin panas aja deh udah mencopy karya orang masih kayak gitu! mereka itu adalah orang2 yang gak bisa menghargai ART!

Anonymous said...

Go Diana...
Well, walopun susah mempertahankan hak cipta di Internet tapi kan lo udah milih Deviantart pasti juga karena keamanannya kan... Jadi gue yakin, kalo lo mau, lo bisa memperjuangkan ini.
And I think it's really OK kalo lo mau "snobbish" di blog lo sendiri (well, memang apa gunanya blog dong ^^), apalagi tentang hak lo.

festivania said...

Ya ampoooon pusing gw baca comment2nya!
Hahahahahahahaa. Intinya yg nyuri emg salah, trs anonymous nambah masalah!
Jd rame deeee. Tu org german nyadar ga ya diributin dsini? LOL

Anonymous said...

mau itu termasuk artwork keek, dibilang foto narsis doang kek.....intinya, something that isn't yours,STILL ISN'T YOURS!!!
mau pake jalur hukum ato nggak keeek, tetep ada yg namanya ETIQUETTE, tinggal permisi doang apa susahnya sih. Apalagi disitu kan ada info siapa si empunya foto, kecuali kalo tu jelas2 anonymous. Mungkin takut diminta royalti kali yee ;p
Kalo Di diblg knp ga melakukan sesuatu biar ini ga terlang lagi, skrg dibalikin aja ke org2 yg mencuri hasil karyanya, udah sering dan tau pasti diprotes kok ya masih aja main grab2 sembarangan, ckckck.....

lalaland said...

lebay banget kalian -.-

angelX said...

hehe I think that foto makes ur uniquely weird but awfully cute. which is a real good thing. lovin it!
and damn those stealers!

cilya said...

let it flow saja say..mau tidak mau ya qita harus terima..
if u feel angry its ok...sah-sah saja..
Iam designer and an artist too..and i know how you feel when someone stole your idea..

semangat..semangat..tetap berkarya ya bo..

Anonymous said...

hahaha i agree with lalaland..

bt thumbs up for diana ;) - no matter wht they say bout bragging, i wud get pissd if someone takes somethin that belongs to me wifout my permission .. whether its a piece of art or junk.

germanshepard said...

OMG! It's hypocrite and irresponsible for anyone to say this. Anonymous seems to be a narrow minded person and an opportunist too. It looks more like a personal attack. Diana, please ignore them or you will fall into their trap. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

just think positive and dont brag it.maybe its time to forgive and forget.okay but if its too much,u gotta do always u rock! And those mean people are losers and immature,they are just jealous of u.ignore them diana,u rock!!-loyal reader frm malaysia.

ela_fauziah said...

ignore her die,,biarin ajah ntar juga capek sendiri,,,

Myr said...

Agak miris euy baca beberapa komen disini..

I'm an illustrator, have a DA account, and had some experiences about art-thieving. So I totally understand Diana's point of view here.. Come on, guys.. Several 'anonymous's and people who said "Just let it go, it wasn't artwork anyway, it was just a narcissistic pic, etc etc.." I think you has no respect for Diana. You like it or not, it's her work. And worse, the thief/thieves didn't put any credit to her work here. Nor any link to her blog or her permission to use it for COMMERCIAL. It was thieving, period.

Sorry to generalize you guys.. but really, maybe you need to experience your own work to be stolen first to understand what copyright means.

To Diana :
Sabar yah say.. jadiin ini pelajaran aja.. emang watermark/credit/copyright perlu banget dicantumin di karya kita. Love your artwork and fashion, btw.. :)

Dan Selamat Idul Fitri.. *hug

Astrid said...

Hahaha,, ketawa baca komentar yang bilang "immature", "snobbish", whatsoever.. C'mon,, jangankan artwork, kalo foto loe dipajang sembarangan tanpa ijin, pastinya gak terima lah. Okeh seneng kalo terkenal, tapi masak enak terkenal, gara2 foto loe gara2 disalahgunain?! Sekarang siapa yang aneh?!

Setau gw, even foto kenarsisan kita, tetap punya hak yg diakui hukum loh! apalagi sampe digunakan untuk keperluan KOMERSIALISME.This is HUGE!!

Dan, kalo misalnya Diana pengen komplain, marah, wajar aja, ini blog dia.. domain namanya jelas jd hak dia untuk marah dan engga. Itu wajah dia, bukan loe..

lagian hellooo!! IJIN atau NGELINK atau PUT A CREDIT apa susahnya sih? segampang stealing atau copy paste kan? Nah, kalo sampe itu gak dilakuin, jelas dong maksud buruknya??

Dan yang bilang,"Why don't you stop complaining?" Menurut loeeee?
Bagus lah Diana KOMPLAIN, daripada diem sama sekali! It's a nature reaction!
Kalo loe tipe yang diem aja karya atau foto loe dicuri, loe akan selamanya diinjek2 hak loe. Yeah, world is mean, and we grow up! And, FIRST! you should learn to angry when someone's stealing your private right!

Mungkin Diana gak pengen nuntut si pencuri. Dan mungkin prosesnya bakal berbelit atau even we can't stop piracy itself, But look the bright side,setidaknya Diana mengekspresikan haknya untuk marah atau complain. Dan itu adalah HAK PRIBADI, toh ini juga BLOG PRIBADI.

Setuju sama Myr,
"Several 'anonymous's and people who said "Just let it go, it wasn't artwork anyway, it was just a narcissistic pic, etc etc.." I think you has no respect for Diana. "

I think, they don't rescpet themselves more..

Jilliebeanie said...

This blog...and you...are fabulous.

Anonymous...not so much.

kriwul said...

owh my... how rude!

being anonymous itself is an irresponsible attitude. and almost every harsh comment came from an anonymous.

and this anonymous said that DA is just like getty images. pretty stupid.

and also judged that your work isn't an artwork. who the hell he/she is anyway.

and he/she said you should stop being angry when people steal your work. oh please. maybe he/she also said its ok for a country to claim other country's island as theirs.

and the most annoying thing is, he/she said that using your pic for a flyer isn't stealing as long as the stealer doesn't put his/her name.

oh my effing God!! this anonymous exactly know that he/she wrote such a stupid comments, that's why he/she was too embarassed to put his/her real identity. how pity.

[rei] said...

hey, seriously, i've been in your shoes too...
some of my writing "dibajak", without put any credit for the original writer and that's suck!
berasa identitas lo di colong gitu aja.haha..
tapi anggep aja kalo karya lu super duper bagus sampe ada orang yang mau ambil dan ngaku2 itu punya dia...
stay positive and make another "great" work, D...!

Anonymous said...

"hmm did s/he put his/her name for the design? Guess not. So it's not stealing then"

the point of stealing is when you taking others belonging without being known by the owner, right? haha

myrrh goldframe said...

Oh my! you go girl! topics we got here!

bobibubebo said...

hahha that anonymous so're doing great....i've been following your blog a couple weeks and it was awsome..

Anonymous said...

buat semua yang bilang kalo foto itu bukan art - how do you even define art?
semua yang berasal dari imajinasi kita dan terlihat indah itu seni, in any kinds of form
jadi jangan sok-sokan tau yang mana art yang mana bukan. siapa lo? semua orang punya presepsi yang berbeda-beda tentang seni jadi jangan sok tau

go dee!

ni dwy said...

kesel, pastilah!
pengennya si tu orang sadar..

bEtTy B00P on PrOzAc said...

anonymous sounds like a green eyed monster to me...

banana said...

i agree that they shouldn't have called what you did as not 'artistic' enough but i don't consider you as an 'artist'..that's stretching the truth a play around with clothes,sew clothes,take pictures & that does not qualify you as an artist..

i don't know,maybe in indonesia,that's considered as an artist??but if it is...

it does sucks when others use your pictures but it happens a lot in the world wide's a norm..but your anger towards it is justified because after all,it is your should give an email or something to that german club & see what they have to say..:)

Diana Rikasari said...

Banana: thank you very much for your view..still, I see myself as an artist because I produce artworks and used to be active in some art community..u can see some of my works at! :)

myli said...

ka dee, finally i can feel what u felt. im not an artist n no one still my artwork. =p but now i know how it feels when someone out there really pissing us off in comment. =) go diana!

grace said...

Wow, +1 for each one of Cindy, Blogwalkin' , festivania and cecyl! <3

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