Sunday, November 11, 2007

High Waisted Me

Even though I've stopped my shopping activities for this month, I do still have some stuffs in mind that I want to buy. As my current thoughts have always been around getting a job and work, I'm really looking forward to buy some high-waist pants (or skirts) that are wearable as office clothes. I really regret the opportunity of a perfect Topshop high-waist pants back then, as the color was grey, my favorite for office pants. I missed it, too bad. They're not available anymore.

Anyway, these are some inspirations of how I'm gonna wear my soon-to-have high-waist pants/skirts for work.

(Olsen pics from here...a must visit blog for fashion lovers!!)

(Pencil Skirt - Sutton Studio Exclusive)

(High Waisted Jean with Suspenders - Jenny Jen, Ponte Pencil Skirt - Sutton Studio Exclusive)


DwD said...

hey, if you want a high-waist skirt, you can purchase it at miss selfridges (do they have branch store in malaysia?). it's in black, though, not grey. thanks for the iamfashion info, definitely gonna check that out ;)

Diana Rikasari said...

Thanks a lot!! I'll check it out here in KL!!! :)

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