Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Oxford

I've always fallen for boots...and this season the oxford boots seem to be a must have....

(Original pic scanned from Diva Magazine)

As you can see from the pictures above, these kind of shoes more often than not fall under high-end brands which are awfully expensive. If you go for the cheap ones, they usually feel uncomfortable or even painful as this type of shoe fully covers your feet and comes with very high heels. As such, the type of material and how the shoe follows the curve of your feet becomes a very big deal. Hunting down these boots, therefore, have been quite upsetting for me. It's sooooo hard to get a good one that goes along with my budget as well. But again, wishes do come true..sometimes... hehehhe. I finally got one from Promod which was lovely, and most importantly, affordable. Yayyyy...:) The oxfords I got has this mannish classy look which I love love love love love.

Up till now I've only wore it once. Walking around for about 2 hours with this shoe was surely a pain in the ***. Baahhh!! I hate high heels huhhuh....but it's okay, I'll practice myself for this killer pain, no style. Heheh...

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