Monday, November 12, 2007

A Tribute to Ashley Olsen

I woke up today in a very different feeling. Had a morning smile, something I haven't had for the past few weeks. Haaa...well, this is life people. Whatever problems you got, life doesn't come twice. I guess my life has never been so complicated before that I'm actually feeling so blissful to ever go through such a phase now. Here I am, blabbing. Lol. So, yeah, I feel lighter, just wanted to share with you all....:)

A n y w a y , feeling jumpy in the morning, I kind of like went through my clothes and just realized that I had such a suit which somehow looks similar to The Row's collection. And it's been a looooong time since I took photos of me and my outfit, so why shouldn't I do that today? I am, pulling off an Ashley look. Would lovvvee to wear this sometime, but I guess I'll be wearing some stockings in real life cuz I'm not daring enough to wear such short skirts.

Since Intan wanted a larger pic of the it goes heheheh...

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