Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Handdrawn-Like Necklaces

Finally, i get the chance to post on my personal blog as I have been more into my new blog new blog has been putting up some wide smiles on my face coz of the good responses from the viewers...hihihi...:)

Btw, I don't have much to say...I'm still on my lazy mood..kinda reluctant to apply for jobs currently...I just want to relax my mind and try to prepare myself well enough for interviews..prepare = practice my communication skills, learn how to put on proper make-up and hair-do, enrich my vocabulary of smart answers, and buy new office clothes yaaayyyyyy hehehehhe....

I found this new shop in, and I was so happily surprised to see their products...very...different...i want these neckalces...huh...Sharjeel?

1 comment:

V oN toP said...

aha!i bet u want that skull necklace first hehe

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