Thursday, September 27, 2007

Color Me Nails

I've been spotting the nail polished trend from a long time ago, but never really had the thought of applying it to myself. Olsens, Hillary, and Lindsay are ones who I often see to be well nail polished in various striking colors.. I was in Watsons with Intan looking at cheap nail polishers..and I was like..."hmm...this pink one is cute..why don't I give it a try?" So I decided to buy one from Sally Hansen...results? The nail polisher was affordable, yet satisfying at quality. The rich texture of the polisher gives a thin yet solid coating..very good...:) I wanna wear nail polishers from now one..polished nails just gives an impression of how detail a person can be when it comes to appearance...yay! Thanks to Intan for inspiring me as well hehehhe....

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