Saturday, September 15, 2007

Interview With The Vampire

Yesterday Sharjeel had an interview for this company located in Singapore...I won't talk about the content of the interview though here as it is Sharjeel's's just that he (Sharjeel) looked so nice that I couldn't stop taking pics of him while waiting for the director to come..hehehe..this one is my fav pic...:)

The interview took place in Federal Hotel...I was suffering from hunger while waiting coz it was at this time when we should be breaking our fast hehhehe....anyway, we then had a nice dinner in Nando's...haaa...tummy yucky Sharjeel!


Ragil said...

huahua sama lo kayak gue, kalo Zeeshan lagi pake suit gw pandangin mulu, kalo lagi ada kamera gw jepret terus.. wkakkakaka an indo-pakistan thing deh :P

Diana Rikasari said...

hehheh...iya ya, kita kena virus pakistan hehehhe...

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