Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Warm Dinner

Last week, my friends and I went to KLCC for dinner...initially we were planning to eat at Chilli's...but since the waiting list was like 2 pages of unseated people, we then decided to move to California Pizza Kitchen...generally, the food we ordered was around pepperoni pizza, pennes and raviolis...and..WOW! The food was awesome!! The pizza was the best..thin, light and crispy..the best after Red Tomato..

Anyways, I was really happy to have dinner with friends I love the most here in Malaysia...Intan, Tina, Tyaz, Ari, and of course, the yucky Sharjeel..hmm.. such a nice feeling to be surrounded by those who you care and care about you...I am seriously gonna miss them a you much...:)

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