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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Go Go Go!

Hello, hello, hellooooo! I'm alive. Wow. I've been so busy suddenly here in Jakarta hahah. But mostly busy...meeting friends..:D

Some highlights:
  • Dinda and I went for a short holiday trip (or shall I say, shopping trip :D) to Bangkok and it was actually my first time visiting Bangkok. It's easy to say that I loooove the city. Yummy (and super cheap) seafood, fresh coconuts everywhere, amazing local designers, and the vintage market is so exciting! I love how they upcycle old clothes into such unexpected ways. I really wish to visit Bangkok soon again! :)
  • My new #88LOVELIFE book is coming very very soon. It's 95% done, basically just need to do proof prints and of course the final printing. This new books feels sooooo different it makes my stomache hurt hahah. Quite nervous how readers will react, but nevertheless, Dinda and I poured our hearts into this and that's what matters the most.
  • I've been selected from my fashion school to showcase my designs in in in...VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK! Holy molyyyyy. This will be my first time joining a fashion week not under my UP or SCHMILEYMO brand, but instead, as "Diana Rikasari", an aspiring professional fashion designer..D Wish me luck, guys, This collection is very personal for me. Can't wait to show it to you all!
  • What else. Mmmmmm, long distance marriage doesn't work for me? I love being back home in Indonesia but the fact that my husband is in Switzerland killlllls me. I just love being together ALL THE TIME lol. I'm that clingy wife who just wants husband to be around to hug and cuddle with. Miss you so much, S!
What else? I guess that's it for now. Write again soon! :)

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