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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Summer Break in Indonesia

I don’t know how to express how I feel without having to sound like a snob, but after being back in Indonesia for 5 days, I do miss my life in Switzerland. Weird, huh? And yet when I’m there, I miss my hometown. I guess what I really miss from Indonesia are simply the people; my family and friends. I can’t deny that I have adapted to the Swiss lifestyle quite well and I like it. I like how simple life is. Simple but meaningful. S and I often talk about how we miss having Gojek and Gofood, and yet here I was browsing Gofood for 20 minutes, just kept scrolling and scrolling and decided to order..nothing. All my mind could think of was, “is there anything healthy here?”. All these trendy food, they look glorious and delicious but I guess my priorities are just different now. I now enjoy going to the supermarket picking up a fresh bowl of salad, buying warm croissant for the kids, and that’s what we practically mainly eat everyday. Simple, straightforward, just easy and light. I love just putting on my shoes and hop on a bus because bus schedules are so precise, without having to order Grab or taxi and wait until they arrive and seek the fastest route via Waze. All these apps, these trends, I find them exhausting, but of course the need is different for each country. It’s 2 am and I can’t sleep just thinking about how one can change and come back to their own hometown feeling completely different. It’s a strange feeling. Maybe it’s just a phase, of myself settling down, a short culture shock. Nevertheless, grateful to be around my family and friends once again.

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