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Monday, January 11, 2016

What's Your 2016 Resolution?

One of my 2016 Resolutions is to....organize my closet better! I plead guilty for having so many clothes and accessories heheheh.

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I want my closet to be tidier so I can look for my fashion items easier. At the moment, things are just put as it is without proper storage. 

 photo ss_zpssmxzq59j.jpg

The above pic is actually a kid's closet, but I love the mood, color and tidiness of it. I like the balanced mix between hanged clothes and storage boxes. What I need to achieve this: looots of storage boxes in many sizes. And a wall hanger for my accessories. I shall make this happen soon! :)

Now, what’s YOUR 2016 Resolution? :)

Share your 2016 resolution on your Instagram account, write in your caption what are the products you need to help you achieve your resolution and mention @eleveniaid! If you’re lucky enough, Elevenia will make your wish come true and gift you with those items – for 3 lucky winners!

GOOD LUCK! For more info, check @eleveniaid #11wishlist


Unknown said...

Love your closet <3 It's so neat and organized!

Anonymous said...

That's one of my resolutions as well! To curate my wardrobe more tightly, organize the things I keep very well and in a visually pleasing way (especially since I had to remove my closet door - my room is so small that I couldn't place my wardrobe where I wanted and still open the dang door!)

Other resolutions involve traveling more, meditating and writing at least a little bit daily, and having a routine Sunday nights to deep condition my hair, use a face mask, and do a mani/pedi.

arka said...

So colorful and bright.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought you would have larger wardrobe than this.

Adeayu Hadijah said...

one of my wish is to tidy up my closet to kak Diana. ♥

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