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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Diamonds Are Forever Is True

So happy to finally know about ORORI! Oh boy...if only I was already aware about ORORI at the time I was going to get married.
ORORI is an e-commerce specializing in wedding rings with soooooo many options. It’s such a great way to buy your most special jewelry because by buying it online, you actually get plenty of time to browse through the collection thoroughly in a relaxed manner, with no pressure from any salesman whatsoever. In other words, your mind is free to really choose which one you really really like. Remember girls (and guys), it’s your wedding ring. Make sure you pick the best one, the one that really fits your style and your budget! :)

 photo dd_zpsyxngghwo.jpg

If you’re keen on designing your own wedding ring, ORORI offers a “Design My Own” service, as the title suggests. You can choose the shape of diamond you like (mine would be heart-shaped of course heheh) and the design of the overall ring too.

 photo f_zpssdlot28c.jpg

Personalization of jewelries is also possible with these Alphabet Pendants

 photo b6621fb_zpsjoh9hk59.png

So good, yes? :)

Below are pictures from the Blogger Gathering held by ORORI recently. Thank you for having us! :)

 photo fffff_zpst8yrxbwf.jpg
 photo g_zpsdgrmosqq.jpg
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Adeayu Hadijah said...

its so beautiful kak! Love your outfit too ♥

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