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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hello, blog. It is 12.29 a.m. Instead of sleeping and taking rest, I am looking at you. Typing on your page.

Dear blog, I think I'm going crazy. I don't know how to not do anything. My mind is addicted to working, and I think, addiction is bad. No matter to what you're addicted. I'm tired, but I want to work, but I'm tired. And at the end of the day, my quality of work is not as good as how it should be. I don't know. Shahmeer is getting very difficult to handle. Today I broke down to tears because I am just that exhausted coping up with Shahmeer's energy level. I am not complaining. I'm just being real. And to keep it real, perhaps I have to admit defeat. I am not as super as I want to be. What's "super" anyway? Juggling between shoe business, social media projects, house chores and a highly active baby turns out to be chaotic. Or is it just a matter of mindset? Ah yes. Maybe. See, blog. You help me so much. As always. Talking to you always gives me enlightenment. It is not chaotic. It is awesome. I am awesome. Few years later down the road, I shall look back feeling super proud of myself. Super.


Rosiy Wibisono said...

Semangat terus kal Di :33

Rosiy Wibisono said...

Semangat terus kak Di:333

Jespril said...

Ketika dewasa, kita punya banyak tanggung jawab yang ditanggung.

Dan, saat saya mulai keseimbangan dalam mengerjakan semua tanggung jawab sekaligus, saya ingat kalimat dari blog Kakak, “In life, there comes a time when you need to slow down. You may have been running so fast, or too far, and you run out of track, and you exceed the limits your legs seem running without the control of your brain.”

Dari situlah, saya belajar lebih sabar pada diri saya sendiri.

Makasih, Kak. Meski Kakak nggak pernah ketemu saya, Blog Kakak membuat saya melepas beban saya, dan kembali pada diri saya sendiri.

All is well, Kak Di.

Morning, and have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

I love you kak di, I love this post, it looks like you're real like a human being in outhere, like me hehe :) , not like as motivator always.
In that hard situation you can change it right away and make it positive and motivate urself.

I'm in that phase too, but with the other problem, I try to calm my self and learn this life not as easy as like the fairy tale said, but that's not as hard as either.

I can't make a sweet words, but I'm sure you can do it kak Di, yes it's all about mindset.

Your Silent Reader,
Lydia :D

Anonymous said...

Always love the way you write down ur super enlightened by yours ^^ Cheers!

World of Wardah said...

Semangat Kak Di :)

hanny arianty gultom said...



Unknown said...

i love the way you being honest to your readers and you write and be like you are not famous and really be who you are. you are so brave to share your thoughts and feelings to your readers and not always act like you have a perfect life (tho many people will think so). tetap semangat kak diana, i will always be your number 1 fan.

ProfTOEFL - Belajar TOEFL said...

Hi Diana,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I really enjoyed reading your post.

It's always inspiring to hear from the people who have succeeded, remained true to their feelings, and are brave enough to share them.

I also have a question for you. As a successful entrepreneur and blogger, what do you think is the most important thing aspiring entrepreneurs should pay attention to?

Thanks :)


adninahr said...

i love the fact that you're keeping yourself real in social media, eventhough you're a social media star when everyone's looking at you. you can fake it but you choose to not to.
semangat, Kak Di!:)

Anonymous said...

Being vulnerable is strength :) #Paradoks

ajengraratirta said...

Kak Di,

U're such an inspiring woman in nowaday. Feeling exhausted is normal because we're just human being and no matter problem come to you, you always think positive as could as you did.

Anonymous said...

You are indeed super, Diana!
Having a baby and all those things that you have done is very super!
I am proud of you. There should be a lot of Indonesian woman to be like you. You are our inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

Well, we all human. Things that makes us a superwoman is when we able to handle all of things that we should do to achieve our dreams without neglect our obligations. Your a superwoman! That's why you can inspire so many persons and yet still admit to your weakness. Thanks for sharing! Allah always be with you :)

Unknown said...

hai mom, you should be strong for your baby:)

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't become a mother but I feel that taking care of children is not very easy. You are a super mom kak, keep your good work! I adore you :) and this just a recomendation for you to keep happy and strong while take care of Shahmeer: watching return of superman (korean reality tv show about dad taking care their children, it's funny and happening tv show :D)and maybe you can take a lot of knowledge about parenting from IG account @babyhijaber :)semangat!

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