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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Citra Cantik Indonesia

It's an honor for me to be a part of the Citra Cantik Indonesia campaign. I am glad that beauty is slowly reshaping its definition to not merely a physical entity, but a wholesome that not only shines from within, but also sheds light to other people.

Although people often misunderstand me for having an easy, happy life, I can assure you I did not. In my whole life, I have always felt like a misfit, and I was bullied continuously not just by friends but also teachers. It really is difficult to explain the feeling, and I myself do not wish to relive the memories on what actually happened. I rarely share about my real story. It's because I cry when I do. And I do not like it. I like to keep focus on what's ahead instead of remembering over and over again about my past. I am happier that way.

Whatever happened, happened for a good reason. That I strongly believe. Being bullied and mistreated really made me the strong person I am today. It also made me understand that life is worth the fight. Do not give up when life seems to hit you so hard because it'll do nothing but make you stronger and better.

Watch the videos below to know my definition of "beauty". And read my story here! :)


Unknown said...

that's why i love you.. :P


Unknown said...

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nurul rahma said...

They said, "What doesn't kill you, make you STRONGER!"

**high five, Diana!**


rumah dijual said...

Terimakasih inspiratif sekali, sangat bermanfaat..Salam kenal

Adeayu Hadijah said...

"make peace with our past"
"ketika dia bahagia, kebahagiaan itu tertular ke orang-orang sekitar"
aaaa suka banget kata-kata kaka yang ini ♥

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