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Friday, April 24, 2015

An Encounter With Lady Marie France (Bodyline)

Whenever I hear the name “Marie France Bodyline”, the 2 things that go in my head are; it’s a slimming center, and it’s definitely not for me. Marie France Bodyline has been present in Indonesia for more than 20 years, so I am very familiar with this franchise and often pass by it inside the malls. But I have never been interested to try nor find out more about it because I guess, the place seemed very exclusive, posh, and somewhat ‘cold’.

It is only very recent that I had the opportunity and courage to even enter, find out and give it a try. Like oh my God, I finally laid my hands on Lady Marie hahah. In this post, I would like to share with you my first experience with Marie France Bodyline which turned out to be... extremely pleasant! Don’t judge a book by its cover, yes? :)

So I went to the outlet in Plaza Indonesia, because I just happen to hang out there often heheh. The location is on the 4th floor, easiest to access from the lift next to Givenchy. Exit the lift and you will instantly be in front of the venue already.

 photo qqqqq_zpshqvkautg.jpg
 photo qqqq_zpsxtk1gzpq.jpg  photo qq_zps21rpxlyt.jpg

I was greeted by smiling ladies who then assisted me in explaining the type of treatments available. And it’s a proper introduction, you see. Just so you know what you will be really going through.

 photo www_zpswikcl2p1.jpg
 photo ww_zps1a5ecxjr.jpg

In my 1st visit, I went for VS3 Body Perfector which is one of the most recommended treatments here. It gives an immediate tightening of the skin, cellulite reduction and fat loss. During this visit, I also went for Fat Mobilization System (FMS), a cool wrap to improve skin structure and silhouette contour.

But before proceeding to the treatment, the staff will inquire about your health history and other vital information to make sure that this treatment is safe for you. Thank God I passed! :p

They'll also measure your body weight and height to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), so you'll know how much you have to lose to reach your ideal weight. If you're more into reducing a specific area, they'll be happy to focus the treatments on your desired targeted areas. Mine? Tummy and arms..:D

 photo wwwww_zpsfkdypeeg.jpg

A nutritionist is also available to evaluate your eating habits and lifestyle, and give you health tips so you know what to improve on after the treatment(s).

 photo qqq_zpsoalwmnsh.jpg

So here I am, entering the Marie France Bodyline treatment area. Actually, it looks just like a salon or massage parlour, don’t you think? In the sense that the place is actually homey and not as “cold” as I thought it would be. I’m happy! :)

 photo eeee_zpsx57uj2od.jpg  photo eee_zpsxtxbuqfh.jpg  photo e_zpsm5loz4iv.jpg

This was the VS3 Body Perfector treatment machine hehe...the process actually felt good and was followed by an actual relaxing massage and chocolate body mask.

 photo eeeee_zpsobuzqjsz.jpg

Then comes the crazy freezing Fat Mobilization System (FMS) treatment, in which you will be mummified using an extremely cold wrap. The logic is when your body feels that cold, it forces your own body to burn fat naturally so you feel warmer. But I’m telling you, this was tough. It’s so so so cold, OMG. Gotta be winter-ready, I say..:D

 photo q_zpswmudkam6.jpg

And that was it! My 1st experience with Marie France Bodyline! Wasn’t bad at all, for sure. I love it! The whole session lasted around 1,5 hours.

I now shall continue my story because I then made a 2nd visit after 2 days heheh..:)

 photo w_zpsoe2htsrk.jpg

In this visit, I went for 3-S Lipo Stem (3SLS) and Mesosound BiActive System (MBST). The process was rather similar to VS3 Body Perfector, in which I basically just lie down playing with my phone while the lady rubs my tummy and other fatty parts using a machine. Both treatments are useful for fat elimination, body firming, cellulite dispersal and banish stretchmarks. They only differ in they way the treatment is done. While 3SLS feels like someone is simply rubbing and applying gel on your tummy, MBST felt like a vacuum cleaner and something inside me was being sucked out – but painless.

 photo ee_zps5scqquzq.jpg

And I was doooooone! Happy and done!

From these 2 visits, my favorite is VS3 Body Perfector. I just loved the whole set of machine treatment, massage and chocolate body mask. I recommend you guys to try this one!

FYI, I lost 1.2 kg within these 2 visits only. I AM NOT LYING. I am so happyyyyyy hahahah.

And btw, during the treatments, I chatted a lot with the staffs at Marie France Bodyline, and I was very surprised to know that most of them have actually worked there for 15-20 years. Isn’t that amazing? Knowing this gives me the assurance that Marie France Bodyline is credible and professional and definitely full of love! :)

Wanna try Marie France Bodyline too? Just for you girls reading my blog, there’s a special discount you can enjoy. Simply print these vouchers below and show them before treatment to enjoy the special price! :)

With VOUCHER #1, you can get 68% discount!
Enjoy 1 treatment of FMS and 1 treatment of VS3 Body Perfector for only IDR 1,500,000 (Normal Price: IDR 3,980,000)

 photo tt_zpsknuzy5mq.jpg

With VOUCHER #2, you get 74% discount!
Enjoy 1 treatment of 3SLS and 1 treatment of MBST for only IDR 1,200,000 (Normal Price: IDR 4,650,000)

 photo t_zpsau8unlhp.jpg

Enjooooooooy! :)

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