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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tic Tac: The Happy Pack!

 photo Untitled-1_zpsdf4007c4.jpg

Suuuuuuper excited to finally share with you my collaboration with Tic Tac! :)

I love Tic Tac (since I was a kid), I love designing too, so it was definitely an amazing opportunity I could not miss. When Tic Tac asked me to come up with my own version of a Tic Tac pack, it was definitely a ‘yes’!

The whole process was super fast and easy for me, because when I love something, ideas just come out in seconds heheh. I wanted to make what I call “The Happy Pack”, so I basically just put in things I love and make me happy.

I downloaded the template from here, and this is how it went:

 photo aaaaaa_zps16c1ac7a.jpg

Hearts, smileys, bandages, crayolas, black and white, daisies. So me! ;p

As for the background, I initially wanted to go with sequins or golden glitters, but then it kinda killed the other elements. So I decided to use aluminum foil as the texture background.

Aaaaaaaand, this is how it looks like when it becomes a real Tic Tac pack! Magiiiiic! :)

 photo aa_zps5fb9ac78.jpg  photo aaaa_zps5ee2ef32.jpg

Isn’t it so so cute? I think it looks really good. Would you buy it if you see it in the supermarket? :D

To add more fun, I even turned some Tic Tac packs into actual earrings hahah. Ate em all candies, put on some wires, tadaaaa…new earrings!

 photo aaaaa_zps59f5398d.jpg

We also did a video on my collaboration with Tic Tac, and the video shoot was super fun. The shoot took place in my house, all relaxed, aaaand I think I fell in love with the film director too heheh…she’s so pretty and nice!

 photo aaa_zps15de104a.jpg  photo e_zpsfc94cc53.jpg

Lastly, the video itself which perfectly represents my colorful world:

Now, how would YOU come up with your own version of a Tic Tac pack design? I challenge you to join this competition! :)


Hani said...

Lucu bgt kak antingnya!! Kreatif bgt <3

- hani

Mary Andrikus said...

Kyaaaa kak D!!! <3 suka video nyaaa! Emang kak D inspirational banget lah buat aku :D

iChal.Net said...

Wow ... so cute .. i like it

Unknown said...

Lucu banget kaak hihi

Unknown said...

ooooh you re to cute :) here's smiley face for you :) wait, there's two

Delyanet Karmoni said...

Kreatif banget.. You go green girl! :D

I love your self-confident, and when you get award for inspirational woman, you deserve it!

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