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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dude, Where's My Package? What's EMH?

I shop online like a looooooot hahaha so it becomes a regular activity to track where my items are online. When you are using EMS service, you will often find your delivery status in abbreviations, so in case you're lost on what they mean, here they areeeeee and yes I just made your life easier...:D
  • EMA: Posting Collection - the seller just sent the item 
  • EMB: Arrival at outward OE - relayed from local post office to the international package office 
  • EMC: Departure from outward OE - on to the cargo board and there it goes 
  • EMD: Arrival at inward OE - touch down in your country
  • EME: Airport Handling - it's in the office that handles international packages, or held by Customs
  • EMF: Departure from inward OE - being sent to your regional post office 
  • EMG: Arrival at delivery - item is in Transit Office / regional post office
  • EMH: Attempted to deliver to your address, or could mean item returned 
  • EMI: Delivered either you receive it in your place or you take the item in the post office, such as when you need to pay the tax


Roswitha Jassin said...

Hahaha thank u for making my life easier diana :)

Unknown said...

halo ini pertama kalinya saya mampir di blog ini, blog yang bagus walaupun bingung membacanya karena berbahasa inggris :D

- Ikhsan.Us

Talitha Lubis said...

aahhh its so useful di.. so unfamiliar with the code before. thank youu :D

Cloud Dedicated Server said...

You are so cute.. Nice Article, nice to meet you... :)

ade said...


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