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Friday, December 12, 2014

Beauty Redefined.

In my humble opinion, the word "beauty" can be very much intimidating. Which is why some people feel scared to enter a "beauty shop", or a "beauty salon". Some even feel shy to pick up a product from the "beauty care" rack. That's because "beautiful" has been so much manipulated into a general view of having: long hair, fair skin, either skinny or body like a coke bottle, pointy nose, unchubby cheeks, no double chin, unhairy legs, stretchmarks-free, big round eyes, long eyelashes, thick eyebrows, long legs, and so on and so on. So if we don't own these features, we feel like we don't belong in the beauty industry, or even a beauty shop. These features are nice to see and nice to have, but if we are lacking one or two or many, it doesn't make a woman less beautiful. For me, "beautiful" is when you have good thoughts inside your mind, a good heart, good intentions, speak elegantly, passionate about life, dream big, smile a lot, take care of yourself by eating good food and exercising, take care of your family and friends, remain humble, help others, full of love and compassion. Because our physical features change over time, but our inner self will remain forever. Invest our time and energy in building your inside, and you will become the real definition of "beautiful". If people still call you ugly, then they just don't get it. ❤️

3 comments: said...

Really love your words, Kak :)

Dini R said...

i agree with you kak :D

Anonymous said...

Well said! The world need more of this!

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