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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What I Wore Today

Spent the day with mom..:)

During lunch, we chatted about how to deal with people who love making other people feel bad about themselves even though they don't appear doing so. They usually will slip in their mean remarks in between compliments.

For example :

"Heyyyy, long time no see. You look good! A bit fat though, but looking good as always!"

"I love the way you think. But not a fan of your personal style."

"Oh, such a handsome son, look at his beautiful eyes. (looks at the mother) I bet he got it from his father."

"I finally found a part of your house that I dislike - the sofa doesn't look comfortable. Love your house though."

Some people told me that these kind of remarks aren't necessarily an insult, but more of an opinion. The thing is, some opinions are better kept to yourself, if, if it might make the other person feel uncomfortable. There are many many people out there whose style aren't my cup of tea, but there is clearly no need to say it out loud. Why even bother? If there is anything I need to say, I would simply look for something I like out of his/her style and just compliment on that. That simple.

Practice on appreciating the good in others and think of what other people (might) feel, not satisfying our own ego of having to have an opinion all the time.

Because having good manners simply matter.

I personally think these remarks would have sounded better.

"Heyyyy, long time no see. You look good!"

"I love the way you think."

"Oh, such a handsome son, look at his beautiful eyes."

"Love your house."

Just stop right there. That's all. Words can be very dangerous, you know? We really need to pay attention to the words we use and how we structure it. I really hope "small" things like these can be better practiced on a daily basis..:)


Mom said, if we come across these kind of people, no matter how much we feel like replying back, just let it go. At the end of the day, Allah will only give happiness and blessings to those are genuinely kind to others. So let them be. Let them say what they want.

If you wonder where I got my positive attitude from, I got it from my momma.

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Atkey shirt, Leony Evelyn lace mustard skirt, MCM bag, Topshop socks, Up sandals


Asep Haryono said...

Wow. Very cool picture Mba Dian. I really love the color of your dress. Keep up the good work. By the way, you had nice smiling


God, they are indeed annoying -_- I've encountered some of people like those and it wasn't a nice feeling at all. Anyway, you look adorable kak D! Love the shirt and its pattern!


Vida Zenitha said...

soo fresh


jual kaos said...

its just nice

nitip lapak mbak

Junita Pristi said...

uwaa batik <3

BAITI said...

So colorfull, but simply
♥ it!

BAITI said...

So colorfull, but simply
♥ it!

Unknown said...

I agree with your mom. Let it go. Let them say what they want. :) btw I love your bag and skirt <3

Dian said...

stylenya kak diana selalu asik! <3

Anonymous said...

Its very tough to be a good person in this world...unless you live in a bubble. I am having similar experiences..hang in there.

FJ said...

love ur positivity!

FJ said...

LOVE your positivity!

Anonymous said...

Hi Di!

am for once not agree with your conclusion for those two last examples. if someone says that they're not a fan of your style it's not necessarily that your style sucks and they hate it. But it could be that it's just a matter of preferences? different people different style?. And for the last example, maybe he/she looks at the mother just wanna know where the baby got his/her beautiful eyes? it's more about which one is more similar?

I just want to give you more insight about other ways to interpret those words :)

have a nice day Di

Diana Rikasari said...


Hi hi..yes I totally understand your viewpoint. It's just a matter of not having to give an opinion all the time and saying it out loud, if you know your opinion might be interpreted wrongly and make the other person uncomfortable. Words are very dangerous, you know? We really need to pay attention of the words we use and how we structure it. That's all...:)

I mean, if I come across a stranger in the mall and I see a very fat baby (which is actually very cute & adorable), do I have to stop and say "wow you're baby is so fat!". Even though for me, FAT BABY means CUTE, she might take it in the wrong way and think "how dare you talk like that about my baby".

I really hope small acts, small words and small manners like these can be more practiced on a daily basis..:)

Amel•Sprei&Bedcover• said...

Its fine to strike back to remind them that you have 'Roar'....

Monica Dian Novelia Jatmiko said...

Dear kak diana,

Bersyukurlah kak diana mewarisi sifat mama kak di yg selalu positive thinking dan baik hati.

Kalo boleh iri, aku pengen iri sama kak diana karena aku nurunin sifat mama yg sinis dan negative thinking. Boleh dibilang, terlalu banyak penyakit hati dan busuk hatinya.. :(

Apakah ini salah ibu mengandung?

Tapi aku bersyukur semenjak tahun 2010 aku ngikutin blog kak diana, kakak banyak kasih inspiring contents di blog. Jadi ngasih energi buat selalu positive thinking dan bersikap baik ke orang lain.

Thank you kak diana, you're such an inspiring woman.
oh iya, kak diana aku ulas di blogku lho sebagai salah satu wanita yg penuh inspirasi.

muah.. :*

Linda wahyuni said...

Ga pernah mati gaya ya ka ����
So beautiful :*

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