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Saturday, May 24, 2014

10 am to 10 pm

It was a really awesome day at Hijabella Day. In the morning, I became a guest for their talkshow together with Iymel and three fellow bloggers from Malaysia and we talked about how to handle haters on social media. I also opened a booth with S and my lil' sis and it was craaaaaaaaazy full. Thank you so much for those who shopped my Up and Pop Flats shoes! :)

Did you know why S managed to stay in the booth from 10 am to 10 pm and actually served the customers coming to our booth? Because I hired him as my SPG (in this case, SPB) and actually paid him hahahaha.

S: "Lemme know when you'll do these kind of events again, okay? You just pay me as your SPG laa.."

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S. Oliver shirt, dad's tie, Zara long sleeveless coat, Topshop jeans, self-made cherry brooch, Givenchy bag, Up heels


indra said...

pada cantik cantik kak :-D

Unknown said...

Aaa, you're both way too cool! I love how Kak Di still pay even though you both already married and I love how Kak S didn't feel 'enggak enak' that his wife paid him. Hihi. =D Btw, sorry for my 'bahasa Campur-campur'. =P

all to the gallery said...

waaw it's beautiful imaging, gambar yang kren

Unknown said...

you look so stylish kak. and the self-made brooch it's so cute.

Umroh Desember said...

It's nice and very beautiful

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