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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Three Three Three!

My business baby Up has finally turned 3! Alhamdulillah ya Allah..time flies soooooo fast when you're enjoying every minute of it. Looking back, I have no regrets resigning from my corporate job and pursuing my "fashion-preneurial" dream. I still stumble, make mistakes, but all for the sake of a better me and better results. I love my "job"! :)
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Running a business is like...running in a never-ending marathon. Sometimes you feel like quitting in the middle cuz your body can no longer take it, but when you visualize the finish line and think about the joy of reaching that line, you get your energy back to run again! And that finish line? It's an illusion! There's no such end to it cuz you keep expanding and growing and make alterations here and there, so you just tell yourself, "what the heck, I might just enjoy this run no matter where and how long I'll have to run". As long as you have yourself put together, everything will be okay..:)

To celebrate Up's 3rd anniversary, I decided to have a giveaway for my exciting! :)

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By simply shopping any shoes at Up with no minimum order quantity, you will directly be included in our lucky draw. Aaaaaaand if you're lucky enough, you might just win THE latest iPhone 5S plus other amazing prizes too! OMG! So do visit my shop and SHOP, ladies! Muah! :)
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ephy scarf said...

kakak... kadonya mau aku kirim kemana?
bukunya sudah selesai.

sari said...

Selamat ya... Smoga baby-nya sehat.

Salam Kenal,
Natural Hut

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