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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Forever 21 sweater & necklace, Baju 24 skirt, Rayban sunglasses, Imi Twoo peace-sign necklaces & bracelets, The Cambridge Satchel Company bag, Up wedges

MYTH: Lately I don't look all smiles in my pics, hence I am not as cheerful as I used to be.

FACT: That's just crazy! I have always been the same cheerful person. I'm just currently practicing my cool-face look where I don't smile in photos it working? I actually look cool? Practice makes perfect, y'all! :)


MYTH: Marriage really changes you as a person, because you prefer to spend time just with your spouse and not with your friends!

FACT: In my case, marriage has kinda been reducing my time for socializing, because ever since I got married, I feel so complete and content and inspired that I keep on having so many new ideas that I want to execute! So if I'm a bit M.I.A among my friends, it's because I'm too much enjoying been in my own idea laboratory. But trust me, I will never neglect my friends. S & I always try to have a balanced portion of spending time with our family, friends and ourselves.


MYTH: Diana never wears jeans.

FACT: I do! But only to work. Otherwise, I prefer skirts / dresses / shorts with tights.


MYTH: Diana Rikasari is a fashion blogger.

FACT: Diana Rikasari is a blogger. She blogs about her personal life - her thoughts, her style, her dreams.


Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

Love the colour kak! :D cute necklace btw:)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You look cute and creative as always! =) You look great with both smiling and with the cool look! X

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

the colors are soooo cheerful <3
love this post!

ayumelatijewelry said...

yes, you are cool! really :)

Unknown said...

Your outfit are all so cute!!! You really are like 10 years younger, Kak Di!

Rin Handika said...

Nice bag :))))

Gita Regina said...

yeah, i agree with the last fact, it doesn't mean i don't agree with the other fact, but I found that fact everytime when i open your lastest post <3
and those stella, it's pink?!


Gita Regina said...

yeah, i agree with the last fact, it doesn't mean i don't agree with the other fact, but I found that fact everytime when i open your lastest post <3
and those stella, it's pink?!



mentang-mentang valentine, serba pink... but this is pretty pinky, hihi

Karina Dinda R. said...

Nice color kak Di :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

QT said...


Calita Hin said...

love the colors! <3

Be[E] Fashion said...

so cute one^^

Mau jualan baju modal blackberry? Silahkan kunjungi toko grosir baju fashion wanita :
Gratis ongkir ke seluruh Indonesia.

Be[E] Fashion
"Penampilan adalah Segalanya"

Sausan Hanifah said...

Cantik banget kak :D
Tapi kok jadi keliatan agak gendut yah? atau aku yang salah liat? hehehe :D

Anonymous said...

it's so pinky and, pink! ><
and oh, kak di, in my english class, one of my friend described you as her idol! i felt so surprised when i heard "i want to tell you about my idol, her name is Diana Rikasari" and i was like "how could that be? we have the same idol.." haha :D

shelly alicia said...

hi kak di this is my first comment on your blog hihi.
even if you said yourself only a blogger, i always thought you're a fashion blogger kak di because your styles are cool to the max! i like to read about your personal life especially about you and your husband, you both such a great couple <3 your thoughts are my inspiration.. keep hot kak di and wish all your dreams come true ;) <3


Mica said...

Love those colours together, such a bright outfit!

Unknown said...

lovely skirt! and i love your write about your myth and fact. That makes all your reader love you more, because you're nice and practical :)
Have a nice day

mutianugrabita said...


fettyasihta said...

The candy colors as cheerful as you kak Di! Love it! :*
And I loooovee Stella Pink! Uber cute! ;)


Lidya Santoso said...

lovely color, kak! I luv it...
I am your biggest fan, so I followed you already :)

Blue ocean said...

wiihhh....i really like your shoes!!!

visit my blog:

Vania Samanta said...

great color combination<3 love ur blog <3 I'm a big fan of yours!


pengobatan alami said...


jessille said...

your outfitsare always it
if you would like tofollow me back

Mitha Komala said...

love the myths and facts! i want that satchel baggg so badly :(

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