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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Go Girl! Phenomenon was exciting! Events like this should be held more often, really..:) Here are some pictures from today..enjoy!

Vahada jumpsuit, Anne Rose top, Zara studded bag, Toko Dua Amoi cage heels

The bazaar...

The...guess what? My 2nd collection for Bloop Endorse! Hihih... (do wait for the official launch next week ;p)

Finally, the fashion shows...there were 6 shows in total, but I only had the chance to see 2 of them...below is the one from Angela Jessica Hadi which I reeeaaallllly liked...:)

Good night, all!! :)

And oh...bought these Drole Project jewelries at the bazaar heheh...yay! :)


beatrix hapsari said...

I also have that hand print from vahada! but, mine is asymmetric white top. I also wear it today! :D

Visit my blog:

Shaishalala said...

what a cool event! great post!
Githa looks soo stunningg!!! I miss her! :(

Bookworm Bitch said...

wow it sounds aweosme, i wish they held them here xxx

Marla Singer said...

too bad i missed to show =/
it's exciting if i could meet you, heidy, and nina, of course =D

Anonymous said...

it was really FUN! see you on next fashion event Dianaaa :D

SuperQueen said...

i wish i could attend it.. huhhuu
what a cool event..

selly octavia said...

This event should be held more often so that we can see more of a young designers, right?
Nice to meet you there diana.. You were so kind and humble.. ;))

Come and visit

Ali Hval said...

That looks like so much fun to attend.. you're so lucky! Look at all of those rings and those funky shaped purses (?).

Fika said...

great event!! too bad that I can't look great with that jumpsuit :)..

hanny arianty gultom said...

I'm so Happy that you always look so different among your fashion blogger friends Die, though they use the same colors as you.. You have yer own statement style Die, which is randomness.. Hehe, like u wore the sweater thing in the brightspot with \m/.HEAR IT so.. ^^, xoxo

amel said...

nyeseeeeeeeeeeeeel ga dateng! hiksss.... :(

Nora said...

love the vahada jumpsuit! nice findings at the brightspot. =))

too bad i didn't come to the event! looks like you had so much fun there.

can't wait for your new collections to be launched.


superumi said...

the event looks fun.
I wished I live in Indonesia hihi

Unknown said...

lov d jumpsuit..
nyesel ga dtg gr2 maw blajar uan.hhhaa

Wina said...

hey di ive been wondering for a longgg time how did ur pictures turn out so bright and cheery!

I could never do that with my digicam..Is there a certain setting tht u use? enlighten me pls..
thanksss : )

Abysm said...

fun event I think! I hope I was there! and I can't wait for your 2nd bloop collection official launch!

Anonymous said...

acaranya hanya 1 hari atau gimana?
klo masih ada saya pengen datannggg
ok thx

Unknown said...

lovely outfit!You look great in that jumpsuit :)

myli said...

kaaaaaa, angela jessica hadi itu tmnkuuu. ihiy!! senangnyaaa. =)

Anonymous said...

I looooooooove your handprint jumpsuit! and I love the way you mix it with black :D

Vonny said...

can't wait your 2nd colloections!!!
visit mine??

Beata - Ayu said...

is this opened for public? where is it? I love those rings that are exhibited >:(

winda said...


the pic with the shoes .. do they have on9 shop? what brand is that? i cant realyy see .. but the shoes r indeed very coooll! wanna get one too :(

Rubiyant|Photo said...

keren foto-fotonya salam kenal ....

busana muslim said...

great dan fun event.

deekkyy said...

wow...semuanya...cantik-cantik banget.

visit my blog

Pink Pecan said...

mupeng lihat stand-stand jualannya :P
Too bad I can't go there.

Anyway, congrats for your new launch on "Geometric" label in BloopEndorse, Diana. Can't wait!

Unknown said...

WHy NoT..
MayBe i caN WeaR sOMe LiKe tHaT..
LiPS PRiNt iN My TSHiRt wOuLd bE NiCe?
iNSPiRiNg Me a LoT jeuuNg DiaNA..
tHx U deaR..

lhuri said...

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thanks Diana,

djhanq said...

i can't wait for ur 2nd collection :)
seems like a really cool event :))

EMA ERVITA said...

i have attend to that event, too.

n i like ur hand print,

Jordann said...

I love stopping by your blog to see both jakarta and fashion through your eyes!

Diana Rikasari said...

Thank you, all!! and sorry for the late reply :) this was a 1-day event :)

beatrix hapsari: aahhh..i wish i had that one too :)

selly octavia: you were so sweet and nice yourself! kapan2 ketemuan lagi yah! :)

Lidwina Grata: yep! till we meet again! :)

hanny arianty gultom: ah masa' siiiih? hihih..makasi ya dear <3

Wina: cari tempat yang cahayanya bagus aja...trus ntar diterangin dikit di Photoshop...atur brightness-nya :)

Tamara Alasdair said...

wow! that jumpsuit is... wow. its so cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Koe
I just wanna ask where can I buy studded bag like in ur pic?
Or u sell those bags?
Cuz I want it so much
Please gimme info if u know the shop/place
Thanks a bunch ^_^

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