Tuesday, January 28, 2020

My Shoes in STARGIRL!!

I just realized that the trailer of the upcoming Stargirl movie is finally out and let tell me you a secret I’ve been holding for so long: MY UP SHOES ARE WORN BY THE MAIN CHARACTER ‘STARGIRL’ HERSELF! I couldn’t believe it when their production team contacted me in 2018 asking to use a few pairs of my shoes for the movie as they find the styles very suiting for the character. In the trailer, you can already spot two UP shoes and I hope more will make appearances too woohooooo! Streaming this March on #DisneyPlus, I CANNOT WAIT!

Love you, Grace VanderWaal!

PS: I made it to Disney!! 🥳

Watch the full trailer here:


yesi haerunisa said...

OMG super proud of you mbak D!!!

yesi haerunisa said...

OMG proud of you mbak D!!!

gheasafferina said...

So proud of you kak Di! Udah nonton filmnya dan bagusss bangeeet. Stylenya berasa kak Di banget <3

Fara said...

kak Di you are so cool. Been inspired by you since you came as a guest lecturer several years ago back in Teknik Industri UI, and still inspired until now! :D

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