Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ups and Downs

I'm really not happy with the people I have been working with lately because they have been really abusing my trust and money. Sometimes people don't realize the consequences they are bringing to the other person's life when they don't deliver or fulfill things on time or as promised. Although some excuses can be understandable, having too much just shows how unreliable you are professionally, and believe me, you cannot be successful in life with this kind of attitude. My patience has been tested to the most maximum limit I feel like I just graduated from a stress-management school. I have been hit so hard, I have been crying an awful lot, and now I can only slowly eliminate these kind of people from my life. Life is full of lessons, and I am learning to build a better team one day at a time, one less awful person at a time.


melissa rina said...

Trust in god and move on.
You are strong!! 💪

Grace Vania said...

Hi, i live nearby your house.
if you need help with your business just tell me. i am gladly to help since now i am a freelancer and trust me i've been in your shoes.
Oh sorry, not in swiss, im in Indonesia! lol

Take care

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