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Friday, December 2, 2016

What Is Rich?

Dearest youngsters, if I may, I would like to suggest some things for you to consider in life.

"Freedom of expression" is not the same as "being irresponsible and saying anything we want to including cursing and talking vulgarly".

If you think Awkarin is inspiring because "she is bold enough to express herself the way she wants to", I don't see how I can agree with that.

Awkarin is a bad example of putting fame and money as #lifegoals, thinking that being able to make money at such a young age is inspiring and #goals. Being young, you should be hungry for knowledge and experience, not money.

Awkarin is inspiring because she knows how to monetize herself, that I admit. Her business sense is good.

If you want to look up to someone, just make sure it is for the right reasons.

And as an influencer myself, I would like to say it out loud that MAKING LOTS OF MONEY OUT OF ENDORSEMENTS IS NOT INSPIRING AT ALL.

It's just a free ride or a bonus that is oh so temporary. All this social media shizz has an expiry date.

Make your life more valuable and useful. Build a business or work for something that has an impact to your society, country, or simply family.

And one last thing: The number of followers you have does not define your life or who you are as a human being.

Thank you and happy Friday. ❤️
#nohate #justlove #butberesponsible


Kiki Casmita said...


woeland said...

selalu suka cara "bicara lewat tulisan" nya kak Diana, ngena dengan cerdas. :)

Mar_Put_Ik said...

setujuu kak !!

A.K said...

Yes agree!!!! Memang yang orang banyak tertarik pasti yang bikin heboh dan bikin skandal. Tapi yang akan dihargai adalah orang2 yang benar2 berkarya 😁

Deir Zahrani said...

finally, someone said it

Deir Zahrani said...

well said

Helloilmare said...

Your personal thought is what i love most about your blog :) keep on going,D!

miaphy said...

You're so awesome kak...

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