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Sunday, May 1, 2016

There Was Once..

I believe that God speaks to us in many ways. Through our dreams, through the thoughts we develop in our brain, through an aha! moment, through our family and friends, and sometimes, through strangers. Many times I feel like God is hugging me and giving me a pat on the back as if He was saying, "oh come on Diana, you will be fine" in such random moments.

There was once when I was very very upset and I was cursing inside my heart as I was walking, then a security guard suddenly greeted me with a very wide smile and said to me very nicely, "hello!". I liked that. I smiled back, and I felt like God was telling that guy to greet me so I felt better. And I did.

There was once when I was feeling sooooo down and anxious because of the many changes happening in my business, and just randomly, one of my shoemaker messaged me and asked, "are you okay?". And I was like hhmmm that's interesting, what a coincidence. So I just opened up and shared with him my concerns and surprisingly, he gave me such a good advice that made me cry and felt like, God, is this You talking to me? He said, "Mbak Diana, everything is possible if you put 100% of your heart into it. Now ask yourself, are you? If you tell your mind that everything will be okay, then it will be okay. If you keep doubting your decisions, you will never be at peace". I cried sooooo long not just because his advice touched my heart so deeply, but I also cried because I felt like God was so kind.

I believe that God is always with me the whole time, I just have to open my eyes, ears and heart more. Many times I forget this, but I shouldn't. God speaks to us in many ways, and it is beautiful.


s said...

We just need to listen, don't we.. :) Semangat Die... \m/


vinkamaharani said...

And this piece of writing is beautiful. =')
Thank you, Diana.

Vinka Maharani

Anonymous said...

Ya ampun, suka banget sama kata-katanya. I feel the same way too kak. How He tell us about everything in a way that we never expected :') God is so kind, so so kiiiind. but sometimes we did not realize how kind He is.

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