Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Constant Reminder

Life is full of constant reminders. No matter how good my day was, there will always be at least a tiny little disrupt that tickles me to say "oh, not again".

It's like there's this invisible scale that never stops weighing the amount of happiness and sadness even on a daily basis, making sure that we don't hit the happy-jackpot and fly to the heaven of ultimate happiness.

I guess, happiness has to always be weighed down by a tint of sadness to make sure that our feet remain on the ground, and our heads kept together - to remind you that you might fall the very next day, and you might break your heart if otherwise.


Dian Hia said...

couldn't agree more. I love the way you put your thought into writing :)

Lantai Vinyl said...

so happy that everything can be grateful for everything

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