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Friday, April 8, 2016

New Video: How To Handle #Haters!


dunia kecil indi said...

Suka banget sama video ini. Super relatable :))

bloger said...

Kreatif banget ya yg ngbuat.. Setuju banget..

Jaket Kulit Murah said...

Wuih menarik banget mbak videonya.. salam sukses ya..

Anonymous said...

I found your tips very useful . :) Thanks
-love from KL

Lion5tudio said...

Cool video ...Sukses ya

Laras from Amedei Parmigiano said...

Dear Kak Di,

can't agree more with this video. You are my super role model, bukan cuma sebagai fashion blogger yang gayanya cool dan interpreneur yang handal, i do really like your inner beauty.

i think i know where's your successfull life comes, it comes from your very inner beauty.
you know you are the best.

i'm a big fan of you, i really wish i can meet you and talk about anything with you.

Here's my wish to you (even it's not your birthday hehe) : longevity so you'll keep inspiring people, more great career, and happy for your family :)


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