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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just Now, Live on Hitam Putih!

I was like...whatttt? When the Hitam Putih team contacted me, they wanted to invite celebrities who look alike other celebrities, and I was proposed to be twinned with Asri Welas hehehehhehe. Do you think I look like her? Many people say I do. I think we basically both share the same chubby cheeks and big eyes...;p

Anyway, Asri Welas is such a lovable person in real life. I could see right through her eyes that she is a kind and sincere person. It was so nice to meet her and chat with her. She was a traditional dancer turned model turned actress and now a fashion designer and entrepreneur. I'm happy that my "twin" is such a great woman! Yay! :)
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Chippeido said...

Awesome! Nice to hear that ����


kokodekykoko said...

wow penampilan yang menawan mbak diana

Elisabeth Natasha said...

Bajunyaa kerennn bangett! Love those watermelon ear rings ;)
Visit mine ❤️
Flower or Crepe?

Memorabilia said...

Wow makin sukses aja nih mbak Diana.. Selamat yaa :)

Irvina Lioni Alias Mpok Pina said...

hahaha benerrr, emang mirip kak. tapi cakepan kak diana :p

Ficri Pebriyana said...

ko mirip Asri Welas ya mbak ?

Sausan Hanifah said...

Dulu waktu rambut Kak Di panjang menurutku mirip sama Sherina lho hehe

Rangga Rahadi said...

waaah, hebat yah mbak diana, sukses terus yah mbak :)

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