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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thanks For The Lovely Chat

"You know..when I resigned from Unilever, I was 25. At that time, I was thinking that I need to be very successful at the age of 30. I gave myself 5 years to achieve who I am today. Do you think I'm there? Successful?"

"Why would you think otherwise?"

"I know. Like, I'm 30 now. Am I as successful as how I imagined myself to be when I was 25? That I dunno."

"Baby, look at yourself. Within 5 years, you did so much. You started such a great shoe business which still runs until today. You won so many awards. You got flown to Paris, to London, all because of your work. And then your (Level UP) Scholarship Program. Your book is a freaking national bestseller in two countries. We bought a beautiful house. Like, you have so many Chanel(s). I think that's something. I think you did extremely well."

"You really think so?"

"Yes, of course."

"I guess, we should now map our 5 years ahead. Like, what we want to achieve by 35."




Ssan said...

I definitely could live forever with someone as supportive and honest like that! You're so blessed :)

Adeayu Hadijah said...

that seriously a lovely chat kak Di :') I wish I have someone to chat like that soon :D ♥

My Little Cream Button ♥

NONA VELLA said...

so love this blog :)

Ajeng rara tirta said...

you know what kak di, people want to be with you at the same time, you have your own business, you can work at home, and during you work you can keep-your-eyes to your son and it's gonna be a dream for some people especially for young working mom.

Unknown said...

How sweet!, kak Di :))

Restiana Krisna said...

Thank you for sharing this moment, kak Di! It motivates me to do something bigger.

Unknown said...

nice story kak, Iam so motivated.
I hope you can achieve more than you imagine. Allah bless you because you share good message in your story to us. ^^♥

Unknown said...

really nice life partner...
you so blessed, may 5 years ahead become more success than you imagine.
I am motivated, thanks for the story kak

Tear Mutiara said...

what a perfect life you've had :)got a lot of achievements in only 5 years!!

Tear Mutiara said...

what a perfect life you've had :)got a lot of achievements in only 5 years!!

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