Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Makeup On, Makeup Off!

This was my last week's look for Good Housekeeping magazine photoshoot, and I chose to do my own makeup...:)
 photo p_zpsttxbsnti.jpg
 photo nnn_zpsknqd58w4.jpg

Anyway, I love makeup but at the same time, I realize I’m a beauty slob. The laziest part for me is the part where I have to remove my thick makeup after an event. And because the makeup is rather thick, I have to clean it with so many step-by-step products. Buuuuuuut honestly, I rarely do all that heheh. I oooooonly clean my face with a facial wash, but I just do it like until 3 times. I don’t use any other makeup remover products just because I’m lazy like that...:D

People always frown when I tell them this, and they’re like, Diana, you’ve got it all wrong, honey. I knooooow but I’m too lazy.

But but but, finally a brand understands that people like me exist! :D

I was extremely happy when Nivea finally launched an all-in-one Nivea Make Up Clear cleanser where within just one time cleansing and in less than 5 minutes, my face is already clean and all makeup removed. No fuss, all quick and clean. This is definitely my kind of product! I've tried it, and I testify that it's awesome. I love it!

 photo kk_zpsl1coq29g.jpg

My skin is rather normal to oily, so I choose to use the Nivea Make Up Clear White Oil Control for Oily Skin variant.

So, makeup is now even more fun because the hardest part is no longer difficult too! A facial wash AND makeup remover in one go? YASS! :) #cleansedbyNIVEA

 photo nnnn_zpsnxp3oyjg.jpg
 photo kkkkkk_zpsfrb1wnjy.jpg

Go give it a try and you’ll LOVE it!


siti masyitah said...

kak Di, bikin video make up tutorial sehari-hari nya dunk di youtube, ala ala get ready dan get unready with me gitu kak

Haya Aliya Zaki said...

Tetap cantik dan fresh walau tanpa make up. :)

World of Wardah said...

Setuju sama komen yang pertama. Bikin tutorial make up ala Kak Di dong....

Anonymous said...



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