Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pop Flats for Tex Saverio! Woohoo!

I was like, "whatttt?", when I first read the email. I never expected to have such a big name in the fashion industry to email me directly asking very friendly whether Pop Flats would like to collaborate with them for their upcoming fashion show. So my biggest THANK YOU, Tex Saverio. You make me believe once again that the wildest dreams do come true! :)

Presenting, my OK GO sandals for TXID by Tex Saverio SS16.

 photo k_zps4svlxne7.jpg photo kkkkkkk_zpsg48hh6ua.jpg  photo kkkk_zpsxili7ivu.jpg photo 82d small_zpsnj9gddkj.jpg  photo kkkkk_zpshchwfufd.jpg photo 83d small_zpsphhyizdn.jpg  photo kkkkkk_zpshhaya9vj.jpg photo kkkkkkkk_zpsdrpz3lam.jpg  photo 85d_zpssbbmk89r.jpg   photo kkk_zpsi9ybybcx.jpg  photo kk_zpslawbmjwh.jpg   


Mei めい said...

Wow congrats! Proud of you :D

Big Dreamer

Avellia Anwar said...



Stephanie Sjan Semen said...

Wow! Congrats kak di <3
Btw I want ask, in this photo you use your cellphone camera or digital camera or what? Because the result is good and looks like you using slr camera.
Thank you kak :)

Diana Rikasari said...

@Stephanie: Thank you! My hubby took the pics using Sony A7 :)

cafe said...

congratz yah

dini bhubu-nya Rama said...

congrats ^^

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