Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#MakeOverMePlease Please Pleasseeeee!

It was such a fun fun fun event! A collaboration of 4 fun brands; Up, Nila Anthony, Spotlight and Benefit where we selected 7 random winners from Instagram and do a makeover from head to toe, partnering with Gogirl! magazine too. The idea was simple; to have fun while at the same time send a message on how to feel confident in our skin and believe that we are all uniquely beautiful. Because real women empower each other, don't your agree? :)

And the makover results were oh so fabuloussss! The 7 girls looked really pretty, I'm happy..:)

 photo p_zps0jan6u2a.jpg  photo iii_zps94h8zrw5.jpg  photo iiiii_zpsx17egcz6.jpg  photo uuuu_zpstxodzcmo.jpg  photo uuuuu_zpsmrv5miu3.jpg  photo oooo_zps3xilqq5e.jpg  photo pp_zps0rlxofjo.jpg  photo ppp_zpsjpqy44yj.jpg  photo iiii_zpswluevazn.jpg  photo pppp_zpswopyyg3j.jpg  photo r_zpsfempxgq9.jpg   photo rrr_zpss5tz4vwd.jpg  photo ppppp_zpsnvryreyl.jpg  photo rr_zpss690dzqu.jpg  photo ttt_zpsgr5ey0fg.jpg  photo t_zpsq3abs0xe.jpg  photo u_zpsalp7zwva.jpg  photo uu_zpsmh7szrhw.jpg  photo uuu_zpsynqfdmn5.jpg  photo yyy_zpsahiwyuvx.jpg  photo ii_zpswe0xlgkb.jpg  photo y_zpsqqoom4zz.jpg  photo e_zpsofwdq4m6.jpg  photo yyyy_zpshdoa45g7.jpg  photo ttttt_zpsrhouzgnj.jpg  photo ee_zpst0pivcrn.jpg  photo tt_zpstwoci86j.jpg  photo oo_zpschfz4uot.jpg  photo yy_zpstzlrwpgw.jpg  photo o_zpss9d22xaa.jpg  photo eee_zpsrco9rbrj.jpg  photo rrrrr_zpsnjoum3op.jpg  photo tttt_zpsvvfmynwq.jpg  photo i_zps5h4aidiu.jpg  photo ooo_zpsxk1knn1f.jpg

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SGEEDE said...

acaranya pasti rame banget deh. seru pastinya

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