Thursday, August 20, 2015

Forever Colors!

I love love love the new colorful "Forever" bangle series from Charriol. The perfect combination of fun and elegant!

If you live in Jakarta, you can find them at their outlet in Plaza Indonesia..:)

 photo IMG_0185_zpszynlpglt.jpg  photo IMG_0207_zps6upm6ru2.jpg  photo IMG_0205_zpsa6ylotg9.jpg  photo IMG_0229_zpsdzgloodm.jpg

Even though one Forever bangle is enough to make a statement, stacking two or three is the best way to achieve the coolest look. They come in neon colors with black trims, and pastel colors with rose gold trims. Interestingly, they look so good when mixed all together..:)

 photo IMG_0200_zps0hvlfqxp.jpg


Nathasya Resqy said...

so colourful!<3


Andi Saputra said...

Colorful life!!

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