Monday, August 24, 2015


I have come across people who are so arrogant when it comes to food. They reject food that does not come in a standard they have set. It has to be tasty, the meat has to be extremely soft, it has to be hot and fresh, it has to be served nicely, and the list continues.

As much as I am into good and also healthy food, I am not crazy about it. I never complain about the food served on my table. If I don't like it, I just stop eating and apologize for not being able to finish it. But I don't complain.

We are so fortunate to have food available for us every day, and to see people complain about how the food taste is sad. Unless the food has expired or the chef did an extremely lousy job in cooking it, I don't see any other reason to complain about food. We have it in such an abundance that we take food for granted. Look around us. Millions of people out there are starving and eating from garbage cans. And you, because your food lacked a bit of salt and pepper, complain?

I have witnessed someone banging the table and shout, "what is this!? You call this food!?" to a waiter just because he thinks, the meat should not have been deep-fried. It should have been sauteed with little oil. Despite the wrong cooking method, to see a statement as strong as "you call this food!?" is utter overreaction.

And yes, Mister. We (still) call that food.

If your parents, spouse, friend, or maid cook for you, appreciate. Despite you like or not. Just appreciate.

If you're eating in a restaurant and you don't like their food, just don't come back. Otherwise, you can give feedback to the manager so they can improve. That simple.


Anonymous said...

Can't agree no more!
I feel sorry for the waiter in your story. I think the customer is really overreaction and seems lack of manner to other people esp to the waiter -__-

btw please make account kak! :)

vita wirapraja said...

super setuju..
kalo ga suka ama rasa makanannya ya ga usah dimakan
tapi mungkin ada beberapa orang yang kesel karena udah bayar mahal tapi makanannya ga enak, klo kaya gitu sih ya udah ga usah balik ke tempat tsb, dibanding marahin pelayan yg jelas2 gak masak..

Anonymous said...

But we paid in a restaurant, we come to eat good food, if the food it's not up to the standards, people deserved to complain about it to the restaurant. Not in a rude way ofcourse, but we still have the rights to complain nicely and ask them to prepare it better or atleast the same with what their menu's description.

Just because there are so many unfortunate people in this unfair world, doesn't mean we should only appreciate things through their eyes and expect nothing. We cannot just have low standards, especially regarding something our body will digest. I know it sounds so arrogant, but we must face it, the truth is because of our difference in condition, we have difference mind set and standards too.

Some people may expect nothing less than perfection when it comes about the food critique in Ratatouille said "i don't like food, i love it. if i don't love it, i don't swallows". Maybe that's a harsh example, but maybe that kind of people do exist.

Just because we have different standards, doesn't mean we doesn't appreciate good things in our life..doesn't mean we don't care about those unfortunate people.

It's the same with fashion you know. You probably have standards about what you wear, the fabrics, the stitches. If your tailor brings your custom made dress, and it is lacking and not up to the standards you were expecting, you don't just accept the dress and paid it right ? you complain and ask the tailor to make it as your description as how the design was.

It doesn't have anything to do with those unfortunate people in the world who doesn't even have any clothes to wear, while you complaint about a dress that's not made to perfection. It's just that you paid for it, and you expect nothing less than what you were promised. as simple as that :)

sorry for the long comment hahah, love you kak di :3

kriww said...

I was just about to write the same thing like anonymous' comment.

Diana Rikasari said...

@anonymous and kriww:

True! My definition of "complaining" i meant in my article, was "complaining in a rude manner". if you're complaining nicely, that's totally acceptable..:)

kriww said...

Diana, when I read your story about "you call this food?" that totally reminded of Chef Gordon Ramsay in Masterchef or Hell Kitchen :D maybe that person watch too much Masterchef :D

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