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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Escape Hunt

Went for the Escape Hunt challenge this morning together with S, Intan, Dinda and Rudy. It was so fuuuuun that S and I are already making plans to try all of the other challenges they have.

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I did feel a bit of disconnection between the brief of the challenge and the actual challenge itself. As we went for the "Murder In The Room" game, my mind was set to solving a murder case in a crime scene, just because I am addicted to detective series like that, and perhaps, that was what I wanted to do most - to solve a murder case. But it being an escape game, whatever settings or cases they have are simply just "themes". So I got it all wrong hahaha. I think I was thinking too much, trying to be Sherlock, you see. The whole point is to not solve a case nor find the killer nor investigate how the murder happened, but to simply play along the clues and find your way to escape out of the room.

Nevertheless, it was really really fun. Yay! :)

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Rahmah said...

So love the costume :)

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