Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Itchy Hands

Because I spend most of my time at home nowadays, I entertain myself by decorating, arranging, redecorating and rearranging my house hehehe. Home deco is the new retail therapy for me, I suppose..:p

 photo gggg_zpsbcf02bf1.jpg  photo gg_zpse8f76d6b.jpg  photo ggg_zpsb57c17a3.jpg  photo g_zps6a2f4ad7.jpg


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I love your home interior! <3 xx


ricke yuliarti said...

Huaaa teko hijaunyaaa

Natasha said...

It looks wonderful. I also spend most of my time at home, but I procrastinate to do most of the home projects I want to.

me n clothes said...

Your house is very inspiring, especially for the interior...Where did you buy a lot of things to decor your house? I love interior too....


turiscantik.com said...

Soo neat and nice ;)

Stephanie Evone Wichita said...

OMG! I really fall in love with your home kak <3


hurufbe said...

lucu banget...


bimbingan belajar said...

a beautiful home filled with unique and colorful, I love the decorations. kaka good :)

ndutyke said...

gorjessssss :)

AzrinaAhmad said...

Hye Diana,
I'm from Malaysia.
Been out of blogger.com for quite a while and
now that I started reading again I was so surprised you and S already have Baby S!!!
Congratulation to both of you!
The last time I read your blog you were deeply in love with S - and I must say from your writing that the love has gone stronger!

Ok itu mukadimahnya aja,
the real thing I would like to say/ask/request is... I too, love decorating.
And me and fiance are preparing for our new home but everytime we went for furniture/deco shopping, I'll think twice thrice whether to buy or not because I'm afraid it is hard to maintain later.

From your latest post I read that you didn't have a maid, so I guess you'll be doing the cleaning.
Can you please share any tips to always keep our home tidy and dust-free? especially all those cute deco that requires detail cleaning.

Thanks so much if you could entertain.

Warm wishes and best regards,
Azrina ;)

resep masakan said...

emmm pengennnnnn

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